Proactive & Effective Business Assurance using COLASOFT's solutions

Your business can not run without a robust and reliable network. Even brief network failure lasting minutes can have an exponential impact upon your business. Keeping your network running to a high performance is the top priority of today's IT operations team.
Independent Research from Gartner in NetOps 2.0: Embrace Network Automation and Analytics to Stay Relevant in the Digital Business Era recommends that:
I&O leaders responsible for networking must:
Achieve proactive network monitoring and optimization by building or retraining NetOps team to utilize network analytics data, to translate business impacts into network analytics requirements, adopt proactive problem detection and mitigation approaches, and translate SLA demands into performance optimization requirements.
As a business-centric NPMD solution, Colasoft UPM is able to continuously evaluate the performance of your business network and proactively alert to prevent problems, efficiently pinpoint the root cause so that you can solve the problems before they have significant impact on the business.


Intelligent application identification

Colasoft UPM is able to identify application service port and connection relationships among applications automatically, making it easier to set up the business-centric performance monitoring policy.
Intelligent application discovery

Proactive performance evaluation and anomaly analysis

The business logic diagram shows all performance status, key performance metrics, and alarms of all critical network path and key business service applications.
Proactive performance evaluation

Business status monitoring

Monitoring the performance status of your key business services and proactively detecting anomalies which may impact the business.
Business status monitoring

Intelligent network performance evaluation and monitoring

Key network performance visualization based on continuously measuring of the network key performance metrics among network segments.
Intelligent network performance evaluation and monitoring

Multi-segment analysis

Intelligent multi-segment analysis to fast locate the performance degraded network path.
Multi-segment analysis

Application-centric metric monitoring

More than 80 key performance metrics visualized in real-time with customized graphical monitoring views.
Application-centric metric monitoring

Real-time anomaly monitoring

Monitoring abnormal network activities which impact your business, including abnormal network accesses, DOS attacks and worm attacks.
Real-time anomaly monitoring

Comprehensive metric analysis

Fast pinpointing the problem by more than 80 metrics visualization analysis in 1 second level.
Comprehensive metric analysis

Business SLA report

Colasoft UPM provides 80+ metrics about business, application, network, and host performance. All metrics can be presented in real-time as dashboard.
Business SLA report

Workflow of Colasoft UPM solution

Workflow of Colasoft UPM solution


1-second analysis granularity

Key business assurance requires real-time analysis and monitoring. UPM solution provides all network and application performance metrics accurate to 1 second. All dashboards and triggered alarms can be displayed in real-time in 1-second granularity.

40Gbps analysis capability

With the new generation processing engine, Colasoft solution high-end appliance now supports 40Gbps traffic analysis, supports end-to-end processing ability of over 2 million sessions, and supports detailed performance analysis accurate to each IP/TCP/UDP session.

Quick retrieval and research

High performance data retrieve engine for retrieve and download all statics metrics and relate packets in seconds from TB level storage.

80+ performance analysis metrics

Colasoft solution provides more than 80 metrics to evaluate network and application performance for efficiently pinpointing the performance issue of key business.

Powerful anomaly monitoring

UPM solution provides a powerful and flexible alarm function for abnormal detection of the key business performance, all performance metrics system provided can be defined as alarms or multi metrics combined as one alarm trigger for accurate performance abnormal detection.

1500+ protocols support

UPM solution provides powerful protocol analysis feature for root cause analysis.

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