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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sumber Daya IoT sangat kita butuhkan sekarang

Apa yang membuat IoT bisa sangat membutuhkan banyak tenaga kerja ?

Inilah daftar yang dibuat oleh beberapa perusahaan riset dunia terkait dengan IoT.

IDC menyampaikan data bahwa 75% proyek terkait IoT akan dibuat dan dirancang pada tahun 2018.
Dan hampir 41% industri menyatakan bahwa mereka kekurangan tenaga kerja / staf terkait dengan IoT. Dan tahun 2018 ini juga, sebanyak 60 perusahaan mulai mengintegrasikan IT dan OT (operation technology), proses, sekuriti dan organisasi terkait dengan investasi IoT.

Tidak sedikit perusahaan yang mulai melihat IoT dan tertarik menginvestasikan untuk membantu operasional mereka.

Lalu, semua ini akan kembali ke sumber daya manusia yang selalu menjadi akar permasalahan tiap kali kita menghadapi teknologi yang baru.

Apa saja yang memerlukan SDM terkait IoT ?

Pertama, industri smart home, atau disebut juga Connected Home. Ini akan sangat membutuhkan sumber daya manusia yang bisa melakukan Circuit Design, Raspberry Pi dan Microcontroller. Dan untuk Indonesia, mungkin skill terkait Raspberry Pi ini yang paling banyak dikembangkan. Dan ini memiliki komunitas nya sendiri, tapi belum semuanya digunakan untuk mendukung industri smart home.

Tantangan berikutnya, karena Indonesia tidak memiliki industri / manufaktur terkait smart home yang kuat, maka tentu barang dan produk hardware sebagian besar diproduksi di luar Indonesia. Oleh karena itu, kami di berbagai kesempatan menekankan pentingnya berbagai produk yang masuk, dapat dikembangkan software dan system. Untuk itu, pastikan semua hardware / produk memiliki API (Application Programming Interface) dan SDK (Software Development Kit) yang bisa dikembangkan pengembang di Indonesia.

Kedua, terkait jaringan (Network), khususnya Network Security. IoT akan sangat erat berkaitan dengan network security. Dan ini selalu menjadi hal besar di Indonesia, karena ini adalah hal yang paling tidak diperhatikan. Tidak semua orang peduli dengan keamanan, bagaimana mereka mengakses data, bagaimana mereka menyimpan file. Termasuk perusahaan yang mengimplementasikan IoT harus memperhatikan hal ini. Karena IoT umumnya akan menggunakan jaringan publik, seperti Internet dan layanan Cloud. Kebutuhan staf terkait dengan network security mulai dari network security officer hingga cloud security officer. Tidak menutup kemungkinan, akan ada posisi IoT security officer.

Ketiga, IoT akan sangat dekat juga dengan wearables, berbagai perangkat yang kita gunakan di tubuh kita. Sehingga kemampuan perangkat wearables akan sangat berkembang. Hampir 1 dari 10 orang sekarang mulai menggunakan wearable, terutama bentuk jam tangan yang mereka gunakan untuk memonitor kesehatan dan aktifitas mereka.

Keempat, Big Data. Istilah ini naik daun dalam 2 tahun terakhir, dan semakin sering kita bicarakan di Indonesia. Big Data yang paling banyak digunakan adalah Apache, MongoDB dan beberapa aplikasi platform big data lainnya. Tidak sedikit platform berbasis cloud mulai digunakan.

Itulah keempat bidang yang sangat membutuhkan sumber daya manusia terkait IoT di Indonesia.

Kami di #APTIKNAS , #ACCI dan #ASISINDO sangat peduli dengan hal ini. Silahkan kontak kami untuk bisa terlibat kegiatan dan upaya kami memajukan SDM IoT Indonesia

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Friday, September 28, 2018



8 December, 2017
IT asset lifecycle management (ITAM) gives your IT team access to your organization’s asset lifecycle data from the moment you request the asset through the time it expires or is decommissioned. ITAM makes your IT infrastructure transparent while offering insight into the following: systems and equipment, location of components, use and cost of assets, asset warranty and expiration, and how assets affect your organization’s services.
Common IT Asset Lifecycle Management Challenges
But there are challenges, one of which is cost. Are you keeping a close eye on your organization’s IT spending to ensure money is being used wisely? It’s important not to risk overspending, which is easier said than done. There’s a wealth of solutions and solution providers that address certain problems but not the entire asset lifecycle. Organizations are looking for a “one-stop-shop solution to solve their problems,” according to the article “The Importance of IT Asset Lifecycle Management.”

Cloud-based services are growing in popularity, as are employees bringing their own devices to work (BYOD) or choosing their own device at work (CYOD). But many of the management systems lack cross-platform compatibility. Managing different kinds of devices is a challenge, and the following issues often occur:
  • 1. Troubleshooting of devices becomes more time consuming.
  • CSO paints this scenario: You arrive at the office one morning to find a key application down, investigate, and find out that the system on which it ran was eight years old and died overnight. Devices — and systems — won’t run forever, or even for as long as we’d like them to or predict that they will. CSO advises equipment lifecycle management needs to be planned, rather than something that happens when there’s a crisis. For example, repairing or replacing older PCs can cost more than purchasing new systems. Without ample resources dedicated to planning and implementing asset lifecycle management, the cost of mitigating crises will affect your organization’s bottom line.
  • 2. Traditional installation methods are too static and require additional maintenance.
  • Multiple, distinct systems are required to complete even basic activities involved in the management process for a diverse set of devices running various operating systems. This complexity results in increased disintegration of data, workflows, and processes between the systems in place. 
  • 3. There is an increase in security challenges.
  • Companies get away with poor asset management until hackers use that to their advantage. There are vulnerabilities in devices and software in even  smaller-sized businesses. According to Robert C. Covington in CSO, network vendors can drop support for a router, firewall, or access point model in favor of a new one rather quickly, which means old models are left unsupported. “A network device that no longer receives firmware updates is an invitation to security trouble.” Devices also need to frequently be dispatched with virus updates, patch management, and license compliance. Every device, gateway, platform, cloud, and service is a potential domain. “Each domain will have its own requirements, policies, rules, and constraints with which the Internet of Things must ensure compliance,” according to InfoWorld.
As BYOD and CYOD grow in popularity, and more devices are introduced to your organization’s network, your IT team will have more work to deploy software and procedures and get the devices properly secured. With ITAM your IT team can access your organization’s asset lifecycle data from the moment you request the asset through the time it expires or is decommissioned.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Monday, September 24, 2018

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