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Saturday, April 20, 2019

5 steps Content Marketing Checklist

OZEKI 10 Robot OS untuk bisnis anda

Ozeki 10 is a communication software that routes messages between real world entities. It allows you to build up simple communication between shared hardware and software resources of your system. It offers real time information, and provides various configuration options to route messages.

Installation Guide
Ozeki 10 is supported on numerous popular operating systems and environments like Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows OS from Windows 7\Windows Server 2008 up to Windows 10\Windows Server 2016. If you have an ARM based PC, such as Raspberry PI, it can handle Ozeki 10 as well.
Find out how to install Ozeki 10 on your operating system

Ozeki 10 connects everything. More and more options are added, so you can choose from cameras, SMS messaging options, gamepads, audio devices, Arduinos and more. Each connection can send or receive messages. Connect them by routing the message flow between connections. You can create a personalized routing by writing a simple C# code in the Ozeki Robot Controller application.
See what type of connections you can add

Ozeki 10 Apps
Ozeki Chat
You can setup your own Peer to Peer (P2P) Instant Messaging network. People and devices can exchange short text messages and files through your Ozeki Chat Servers, which should contain user settings and authenticate every login. The communication is heavily encrypted between Chat Clients.
Ozeki Chat redifines communication
Ozeki SMS Gateway
The world's most reliable (24/7) SMS gateway software is available on Ozeki 10. It can send or receive a massive amount of SMS messages in short time. With it you will get the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding SMS applications.
Check what Ozeki SMS Gateway can do
Ozeki Robot controller
The Ozeki Robot Controller App in Ozeki 10 makes it very easy to build robots and smart, automated systems. It allows you to communicate with your sensors and actuators using simple text messages. You can write custom logic in C#.Net to manage your system's behaviour.
Easily create robots with Ozeki Robot controller
Ozeki Bulk Messenger
Deliver customized messages to thousands of customers via SMS, E-mail or Voice calls, but you don't want to share your customer database with a service provider, Ozeki Bulk Messenger is the application for your needs. You will love it, because it makes you very efficient in completing these tasks.
Reach your clients with Ozeki Bulk Messenger
Ozeki Softphone
A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. Ozeki Softphone allows you to make or receive phone calls from your browser through any VoIP SIP PBX account connection you have configured.
Dial anyone from any device with Ozeki Softphone

Terms and Definitions
Here you can see the most important terms and definitions that builds up the pillars of Ozeki 10. They are easy to understand and have basic relationships with eachother. The main purpose of these terms and definitions are to describe the journey of messages going through Ozeki 10.
See the most important Terms and Definitions of Ozeki 10

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