AKCP turut membantu Covid-19 Test Kit Monitoring

COVID-19 Test Kit Monitoring
Ensure correct storage temperatures for testing kits
Temperature and Humidity
Generator and solar power monitoring
Centralized monitoring
Alerts, graphs and reports
Wired and Wireless sensors
Monitoring a medical emergency

COVID-19 Pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 is sweeping the globe, overloading health care systems and disrupting global trade. AKCP bring 30+ years of experience in the monitoring business to the table to assist in managing this crisis.

How can AKCP help?
Already, hospitals around the world are preparing for the pending epidemic. With cases rising daily, they will continue to increase, overwhelming the health care system.
Drive through testing centers are being rapidly deployed in countries around the world for non-contact, fast and efficient testing. The testing kits must be stored at a specific temperature range in order to ensure accurate results.

It is essential to monitor and record the storage temperature with data-loggers, as well as backup power systems.
Communications through 4G cellular network to a central command center gives you an overview of your entire network of sites.

Monitoring System
Each remote site monitors one or more medical refrigerator with both wired or wireless sensors, along with the generator, fuel status and solar power.
Information is collected over a 4G modem and sent to a central command and control center, capable of monitoring tens of thousands of sites.
Click on the location of the site, you can drill down to inspect details graphs and logs.
Limits and thresholds are constantly monitored for status updates, notifications including E-mail, SMS and popup alerts.

Central Monitoring
Monitor the status of all drive through testing sites from a world map display. Drill down to individual sites to check temperature and power graphs. Generate daily reports, and alerts such as E-mail, SMS and pop-up notifications when parameters exceed user defined thresholds. Quickly identify problematic sites allowing immediate response to prevent contamination of COVID-19 Test Kits.

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