The New Add-on - The TSplus Virtual Printer

The TSplus 12.70 release includes a 15-day trial of our brand-new Add-On: The TSplus Virtual Printer .

TSplus Web App

Installed on your server, it provides immediate and high-quality Remote Printing, wherever you are!

The Virtual Printer instantly prints from your TSplus remote session to your local printers. There is no configuration needed, no driver to install, it just works.
Print from anywhere - with all types of printers. It’s the most convenient remote printing solution to optimize printing data volume while offering flexible printing features:
  • Seamless, "as local" remote printing experience: Once both server and client components are installed, it only takes two clicks to print to the local printer of your choice.
    Open the tool, select the preferred printer, and launch the printing job.
TSplus Virtual Printer Systray
  • Fast and Secure Data transfers: Our Virtual Printer detects and maps the list of local printers to the server exactly as if they were directly connected.
    Print jobs are run within the corporate network and benefit from all security measures already in place. Data transfer is fast and safe!
  • Customizable and scalable to your needs: The TSplus Virtual Printer is compatible with all printer brands to offer both standard and specific printing features with the best quality: color & resolution, paper size, orientation…
    Available for organizations of all sizes, it supports single AND multi-users environments*!
The TSplus Virtual Printer is the adaptable and cost-effective remote printing solution to reduce hardware investment and ease network printing management.
And the license is only $250 per server for an unlimited number of users!

*Does not support The TSplus HTML5 client and Thin Clients

Check our online documentation to learn more about TSplus Virtual Printer installation and prerequisites.