NAS (Network Area Storage) as a backup for your Security Surveillance system

 NAS has become the norm in today’s world as its price has become very affordable, and people use it for personal data storage. NAS (Network Storage Area) can be used for backup up of your Security camera, Security system and NVR as Video storage backup. Security Surveillance system or IP Camera backup can become very handy if you run into problems with your security system storage because they either get corrupt, accidental damage or being subject to theft.

The essential requirement for setting up your NAS as your backup storage for Security camera or NVR is FTP service being enabled on your NAS. Another requirement is a dedicated account username and password set with FTP service having proper rights set on the NAS for this user to write and quota assigned for the user.

The files are saved on NAS in H .264 and .265 format with some other information files. The Video files are split into parts by your Security Surveillance system.

In this article, we will be discussing how to backup from your security surveillance system (HIKVISION NVR and IP camera) to QNAP NAS device on your network. Please follow the steps carefully. So, in this article we will discover CCTV camera backup to NAS.

Let’s dive in:

CCTV camera backup to NAS, settings for QNAP:

Fire up browser and login into your QNAP NAS device.

  1. Open Control panel of QNAS.
  2. Go to Network services.
  3. Under network, service click win/Mac/NFS.
  4. On NFS tab on the right panel click Enable NFS v2/v3 service to enable it and click apply.
  5. Now go to a shared folder and create a shared folder.
  6. Name it as Security System backup.
  7. Click create with default settings for now.
  8. Once the folder is created click edit on the shared folder that you created in previous steps.
  9. On the permission page select “NFS host access” as permission page for your shared folder that you created in the previous page.
  10. Set access right to no limit and Squash option select NO_ROOT_SQUASH.
  11. Click apply
  12. Next, we will create a specific user to access the NFS on Security Surveillance system (HIKIVISION NVR). Click create a user from the drop-down menu and input the user name and password on Folder option on the right hand. select the shared folder that you have just created and on RW checkbox click the checkmark. Click close and click create to create the user.
  13. Now we will allocate quota for the created user. Click quota from the Privilege settings. Now check to enable quota. On the quota size, text box assign the disk space that you need for this user.
  14. Now go to shared folder details and copy the shared folder path and copy the NAS IP address.

Setting UP NAS on HIKVISION Security NVR:

 Fire up your browser and log in to your NVR.

  1. Go to configuration and click storage option.
  2. On storage option, select Net-HDD.
  3. Now add NAS setting by selecting ng SMB/CIFS and input user name and password of the user-created on the QNAP NAS. Add the IP of NAS in a server address and in file path enter the shared folder path that you have copied earlier and click test if it is done properly you will have success message.
  4. For NFS mounting select NFS from mounting type and enter NAS IP address in server address also add the shared folder path and click test. Once the test is being successful now save.
  5. The last step requires that you format HDD. Go to HDD management-click HDD and click format. After formatting, your IP camera/ Security System NVR will work fine with your NAS.

Note: This setting of NAS (Network Area Storage) works for both security surveillance NVR and Security camera of HIKVISION on QNAP NAS server.