Update ZOOM di Januari 2021


As Zoom continues to evolve into the new year and beyond, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the most important, useful, and exciting features to come to the platform in the last month. To access these enhancements and more, download the latest version of Zoom. For a complete list of the newest Zoom releases, click here

Key Highlights from Zoom’s January Releases

New Zoom Client Updates

New and Enhanced Features

  • Breakout Rooms - Host can admit participants from Waiting Room within a Breakout Room: A new meeting feature, the Host is notified of participants in the Waiting Room, even while currently in a Breakout Room. The Host can admit these participants either one at a time or all at once. Participants will be asked to join pre-assigned Breakout Rooms if pre-assigned are active; otherwise, the Host can assign participants directly to the Breakout Room of their choosing.

Changes to Existing Features

  • Block or warning of unencrypted traffic: All unencrypted Zoom traffic will be blocked from connecting to meetings or webinars. Other external unencrypted traffic will be allowed but will warn all participants that the meeting is not entirely encrypted. (This is a change to an existing feature available in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.)

New Chrome OS Updates

New and Enhanced Features

  • Partially encrypted meeting warning: Unencrypted connections will alert the host and other attendees that some aspects of the meeting are not fully encrypted. (This is a new Meeting/Webinar feature for Chrome OS.)

Changes to Existing Features

New OnZoom Updates

  • Notification Center improvements: Users can unsubscribe from previously subscribed-to notifications from Attendees, Host, and OnZoom. (This is a change to an existing feature.)
  • Contact Host button added to Alternative Host, Panelist, and Refunded Tickets. (This is a change to an existing feature.)


Happy Zooming,