Key Highlights from Zoom’s February Releases


Key Highlights from Zoom’s February Releases

New Web Updates

New and Enhanced Features

Administrator Features

  • Enhancements to data center regions and allow/block countries settings: When customizing the data center regions or allowing/blocking users from specific countries/regions, the web portal will display a warning notification if there’s a conflict between the above two settings and the dial-in countries. 
  • Authentication guest list: If only authenticated users are allowed to join the meeting, users can add authentication exceptions to allow guests to join the meeting. Contact Zoom Support at to have this enabled for your account.

User Features

  • Search users when adding alternative hosts: While scheduling meetings or webinars, users can add alternative hosts by searching through internal users instead of manually entering the full email address.
  • Track pending participant abuse reports: After reports for abuse are made using the client, administrators can view pending reports and add more details.

Web Client Features

  • Join meetings with registration: Users can now join meetings that require registration. Previously, meetings that require registration prompted users to install the desktop client.

Changes to Existing Features

  • Enhancement to alternative host feature: If the original host joins after the alternative host, the original host will always regain control of the meeting and become host. In addition, the alternative host will change roles. If the co-host feature is enabled for the meeting, the alternative host will become a co-host. If the co-host feature is disabled, the alternative host becomes a normal participant.

UI Changes

  • Data center regions: The account-level setting has been moved to the Account Profile page; the group-level setting has been moved to the profile tab; the user-level setting has been moved to the profile page.
  • Device management permission: The Zoom Device Management permission for user roles has been renamed to Device Management and appears in its own category instead of the Zoom Rooms category. 

New Zoom Client Updates

New and Enhanced Features

General Features

  • Persistent non-verbal feedback: Non-verbal feedback has returned to the previous behavior in which they are persistent until the attendee or host removes them. This includes the YesNoSlower, and Faster options.
  • Block or allow only participants from specific countries/regions: When scheduling meetings, the option “Approve or deny entry to users from certain regions and countries” will be available under Advanced Options. Host can either allow only participants from specific counties/regions to join, or block all participants from specific counties/regions. This feature is also available in the Zoom Scheduler for Chrome and Zoom Scheduler for Firefox.

Happy Zooming,

Zoom Customer Success Advisory Team