Product Update MANAGEENGINE - APRIL 2021

[E-book] Understanding and mitigating Exchange zero-day vulnerability exploits
We take a deep dive into how attackers exploited the zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Exchange servers, mitigating the vulnerabilities in your organization, and performing damage control and threat analysis if your organization has been compromised. Get your e-book copy.

ADAudit Plus rolls out Huawei NAS storage auditing
The latest versions, build 6070 onwards, let you audit file accesses and permission changes across Huawei NAS servers. It also leverages digital code-signing to ensure the integrity of the software. View the complete release notes

5 common AWS configuration errors that lead to cyberattacks
Your cloud deployments are only as safe as their security configurations. Protect your cloud by resolving the most common configuration errors. Find out how.

Log360 UEBA enables you to add notes about users and entities
Starting with Build 4026, you can select any user or entity, and add or update notes about them. Notes will the security team to share their findings with each other and collaborate more effectively. View the complete release notes

[E-book] Tried and tested best practices for Active Directory security
You'll see practical use cases and real life examples to understand where an organization may slip up, and identify eight tried-and-tested Active Directory security best practices. Read now

Azure security 101: Security essentials, logs, authentication, and more
Many businesses have been hesitant to adopt public cloud services and have always kept company data in-house. However, the adoption rate of Azure AD, Microsoft's cloud-based IAM service, is increasing. But just how secure is it?

ADManager Plus to offer notification for automated tasks, and more.
ADManager Plus will soon be equipped with options for notifying users before executing critical automated tasks like disabling inactive user accounts. Additionally it will support automation of file server permission management and automated patch updates for critical vulnerabilities, without the need to update to the latest version. Know more.

Unified Endpoint Management:

We're thrilled to be positioned as a Leader in Two IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessments for UEM 
Desktop Central was positioned as a Major Player in the Worldwide UEM and IoT IDC MarketScape reports. The solution was also recognized as a Leader in the UEM IDC MarketScapes on Apple and SMB Deployments. The report specifically appreciates vulnerability management, patching capabilities and extensive automation of PC life cycle management routines. Competitive bundling and add-on pricing across its product portfolio were also listed as strengths. Download the complete report.

Tune in to our exclusive webinar with Forrester!
Want to grow your organization despite rising security threats? Access our exclusive webinar video on endpoint security to find out how. (Available only for a limited time). Access premium 

EMS Security Suite:

#1. Child Process Control - Application Control Plus now enables its users to control child processes of the applications that they allow. Users can globally configure the child process control policy, where they can select all the applications they trust. Only child processes that are invoked by these selected applications will be allowed to run in all the discovered user devices.
#2. Suspend/Resume Test groups - In all our solutions that support patch management (Desktop Central, Patch Manager Plus, and Vulnerability Manager Plus), users can now choose to suspend and resume the activities of any of the Test groups created under the 'Test and Approve' option.

ManageEngine: ITOM

OpManager: Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education [MEP] Realizes Improved Visibility Into Its IT Infrastructure, Improved Health and Performance
MEP is the technical and administrative body responsible for the accreditation, supervision, auditing, inspection, and control of private schools, from preschool and beyond. Find out how OpManager is useful for their IT needs. Know more

Applications Manager: Gain insight into the performance of Microsoft Teams
Ensure optimal performance of your MS Teams application by gaining in-depth visibility into health status, usage statistics, endpoint connectivity, channels and more. Know more.

APM for Financial Institutions 
Gain end-to-end visibility into critical banking and financial applications as well as the underlying infrastructure. Ensure a seamless digital experience for end users across the globe. Know more.

OpUtils: Comprehensive DHCP server management with OpUtils
Simplify DHCP server monitoring with OpUtils now extended support to monitor DHCP server, its scope, and subnets of Cisco, Palo Alto and Linux ISC DHCP servers. Know more 

Free Trainings:
#1. APM: Step up your server & application performance monitoring game!
May 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2021 6am GMT and 11am EDT Register Now

#2. NFA: Simplify bandwidth management with NetFlow Analyzer
May 6 & 13, 2021 6am GMT and 11am EDT Register Now

#3. NCM: Configuration confusions? Manage your configurations better!
March 16th & 23rd, 2021 6am GMT and 11am EDT Register Now

#4. FWA: Hackers are ready to hack your remote employees!
May 20th & 27th, 2021 6am GMT and 11am EDT Register Now

[Analytics Plus e-book] 10 secret strategies to supercharge IT reporting
We've published a new e-book that discuss proven strategies, tips, and hints that can help users gain powerful insights from their IT data, and put their reporting on turbo drive. Download the e-book now

PAM : Seal gaps in mobile device certificate management
Key Manager Plus integrates with ManageEngine MDM to automate the life cycle management of SSL/TLS certificates deployed to mobile devices. Learn more

Site24x7: Cloud-based remote monitoring platform for MSPs
Differentiate your MSP practice. Leverage Site24x7’s full-stack monitoring capabilities to gain comprehensive insights across the IT environments of your SMBs and enterprise customers. Manage your customers' IT infrastructure with our scalable, secure, and affordable monitoring suite designed for managed service providers and cloud service providers.