ManageEngine PAM360

Modern IT infrastructure comprises of privileged networks, endpoints, and physical devices, and securing access to this infrastructure is paramount to building foolproof IT operations. Network devices, like firewalls and routers, are often overlooked, so an unchanged or default password may offer cyber adversaries a lucrative opportunity to breach an organization's security perimeters without leaving any trail.

ManageEngine PAM360 is a unified privileged access security solution tailored to help IT and NOC teams centralize the management of all the privileged accounts distributed across their network infrastructure, and fortify access to these accounts with advanced security controls.

Here's a quick list of what ManageEngine PAM360 has to offer:

Discover and vault privileged credentials

Automatically scan and consolidate all sensitive credentials distributed across your IT infrastructure. Securely store them in an encrypted vault using AES-256 algorithm.

Apply just-in-time, least privilege controls

Grant enough, just-in-time elevated privileges to select users based on their requirements. Automate the privilege elevation process.

Secure, one-click access to critical systems

Launch password-less and encrypted connections to network devices and business-sensitive applications. Auto-rotate the passwords upon session expiry.

Keep track of every move

Monitor live sessions, and record sessions and archive them as video files to support investigative audits.

Make informed security decisions

Identify and block suspicious users using anomaly detection capabilities. Derive actionable insights from application and event logs to take quicker remedial actions.

Meet compliance mandates

Generate compliance reports by combining specific detail sets from audit trails to meet security requirements.