Paessler AG's PRTG OPC UA Server wins New Equipment Digest's Innovation Awards in Software & Computer Category

 PRTG OPC UA Server is one of 15 products selected for prestigious industrial technology, tools and equipment award

CHICAGONov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Paessler AG, the creator of technology monitoring software PRTG, has been selected as the New Equipment Digest (NED) Innovation Awards winner in the Software & Computer category for PRTG OPC UA Server, its product extension created specifically for the industrial/manufacturing industry.

The NED Innovation Awards celebrate the most disruptive innovations in industrial technology, tools, and equipment that offer new capabilities and new levels of efficiency or harness the latest technologies to empower manufacturers to work faster, better, and more cost-effectively than ever before. This is the seventh year that NED Innovation Awards have been given to the companies that create cutting-edge products developed for the industrial market. Paessler's PRTG OPC UA Server was one of 15 products selected for this year's awards.

Paessler's PRTG OPC UA Server, which was brought to market in April of this year, allows industrial organizations to create more efficient processes in industrial environments by providing real, tangible value to OT professionals. OPC UA Server expands Paessler PRTG's field of application by bringing a comprehensive overview of various IT and OT elements into OPC UA-capable systems. Further benefits are central alerting via existing alert chains, enrichment of quality control data with data from IT/OT components, as well as interactive alarm handling between IT and OT personnel.

"We are thrilled that New Equipment Digest readers voted for PRTG OPC UA Server to win the NED Innovation Award in the Software & Computer category," said David Montoya, Paessler AG's Global IoT Business Development Manager. "To stay competitive, plant operations have to move deeper into predictive maintenance, which can be incredibly difficult without a comprehensive overview of industrial networks and environments. PRTG OPC UA Server reduces the opportunity for failures that result in downtime and a negative impact on the bottom line. OT admins and plant operators and engineers can make better decisions with PRTG OPC UA Server by monitoring their infrastructures through their supervisory and control systems architecture, all with the pertinent, actionable data, all from one pane of glass."

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About Paessler AG

Paessler believes monitoring plays a vital part in reducing humankind's consumption of resources. Monitoring data helps its customers save resources, from optimizing their IT, OT, and IoT infrastructures to reducing energy consumption or emissions – for our future and our environment. That is why Paessler offers monitoring solutions for businesses across all industries and all sizes, from SMB to large enterprises. Paessler works with renowned partners, and together they tackle the monitoring challenges of an ever-changing world.

Since 1997, when Paessler first introduced PRTG Network Monitor, it has combined its in-depth monitoring knowledge with an innovative spirit. Today, more than 500,000 users in over 170 countries rely on PRTG and other Paessler solutions to monitor their complex IT, OT, and IoT infrastructures. Paessler's products empower its customers to monitor everything and thus help them optimize their resources.

In 2023, Paessler acquired Qbilon GmbH, a company that provides solutions for automatically capturing, analyzing, and optimizing hybrid IT landscapes. In times when digital transformation and exponential IT growth are key issues in large companies, Qbilon wants to contribute to keeping IT efficient and manageable with its software solutions Qbilon Cloud and Qbilon Ultimate.

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