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ITIL V3 from concept to practice by Microsoft

Posted by Sven on december 16th 2007 to ITIL
<>, MOF <>The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has evolved from focusing on
functions in its first version, to processes in its second version, and
now—with ITIL version 3 (v3)—to addressing the entire service management
life cycle, from service conceptualization to continuous service
improvement.The benefit of a full life-cycle approach is that you design services
that hold strategic value for the business and you continue to operate
and improve those services to continually meet business needs as they
evolve.This paper articulates how Microsoft supports and extends this service
life-cycle approach. Microsoft's core service management strategy is to
deliver solutions for the effective and efficient integration of the
people, process, and technologies required for organizations to reap th…

sFlow vs. NetFlow

December 7, 2007 by Stephen BrownMany magazines and vendors discuss taking advantage of the performance information provided by NetFlow, but fewer cover the benefits of sFlow. sFlow has been relegated to the status of the little brother that seldom seen or heard. In other cases, the two are positioned as competitive technologies, almost like a royal rumble of sFlow vs. NetFlow.Coming from the Observer world, I think, “why can’t we all just get along?” And, actually through the Observer analyzer, both of these poll technologies do get along.Finally, today in Network World I found an article that gives equal airtime to sFlow and NetFlow, and it speaks in great detail about the functionality and benefits of sFlow. It’s worth a read.“But, while NetFlow is a software based technology, sFlow uses a dedicated chip that is built into the hardware. This approach removes the load from the router or switch’s CPU and memory. Originally developed by InMon Corporation, sFlow products have been avai…

Top Trends in Networking for 2008

December 12, 2007 by Stephen BrownPut down your eggnog for a moment and please turn your eyes toward center stage. The lights dim and “The Final Countdown” begins.It’s with much fanfare that I give you our thoughts on the top trends and technologies that will shape networking in the new year.1. Retrospective Network Analysis
Similar to TiVo or Sky+ changing the way we watch television, RNA is changing network troubleshooting. In 2008, RNA goes mainstream.2. Steady Adoption of 10 GbE and MPLS
This year saw steady adoption of 10 GbE and MPLS technologies by enterprise, and the trend will continue in 2008.3. Collaborate and Listen
The phrase many organizations like to use is “unified communications”. This describes having all communication tools from web-based applications to IM and VoIP integrated together to facilitate project collaboration. While unified communications enhances business processes, it can overwhelm networks when application performance isn’t closely monitored.4. Virtua…

Start new hopes

I am counting days to start with new company..
Several Purchase Order already submitted on this company..
But, I still wait for the legal process, hopefully finish on next Monday..
New Company, New Hope..I also need New Team..
Help me God, with the new team - the solid one..I just start new Hopes..


Lintas Berita: Pesan Natal Bersama PGI-KWI 2007

Glorianet -
“HIDUPLAH DENGAN BIJAKSANA, ADIL, DAN BERIBADAH” (bdk. Titus 2:12)Kepada segenap umat Kristiani Indonesia di mana pun berada,
salam sejahtera dalam Kasih Tuhan kita Yesus Kristus.1.Dalam suasana sukacita Natal yang menyinggahi ruang-ruang kehidupan, kita mengucap syukur kepada Allah atas kelahiran Yesus Kristus, Juruselamat kita, karena dalam Dialah “kasih karunia Allah yang menyelamatkan semua manusia sudah nyata” (Titus 2:11). Yesus Kristus datang ke dunia supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal (Yoh. 3:16). Kasih karunia Allah yang tampak dalam diri Yesus Kristus itu pertama-tama membuat kita sanggup meninggalkan kefasikan dan keinginan-keinginan duniawi (Titus 2:12), lalu mendidik kita untuk “hidup bijaksana, adil dan beribadah” (Titus 2:12).Kasih karunia Allah itu mendidik kita untuk menjad…