Trend Micro Intros “Worry Free” Security

Trend Micro has unveiled enhancements to its flagship Worry-Free Security Solutions focused at small businesses and eCommerce site owners who are increasingly battling a more sophisticated Web threat landscape that has mutated beyond conventional viruses and spam.

According to research conducted by AMI Partners for Trend Micro, over 85% of small businesses in APAC have less than 20 computers, and the most important IT issue for small business is improving their Internet and networking bandwidth/connection speed.

Last year, roughly 46% of all small business firms experienced security breaches with ‘Electronic Attacks’ being the most widespread threat.

The Worry-Free Business Security 5.0 range seeks to fit the needs of small business owners who want to protect their assets, their customer information and, most importantly, their reputation say Trend Micro.

The suite of offerings includes Worry-Free SecureSite, Worry-Free Business Security 5.0, Worry-Free Business Security 5.0 Advanced and Worry-Free™ Remote Manager.

Through integrated protection against spyware, viruses, spam, phishing and inappropriate Web content, as well as the recent inclusion of Web Threat Protection, online transaction protection and location awareness; these augmented solutions have features that not only address changing Web and email threats, but differences in the way people work now as compared to four years ago.

Another issue that the latest Trend Micro offering tackles is the increasing number of mobile employees. According to the company, approximately 40% of small business firms have a mobile workforce.

With its “location-awareness” feature that automatically changes Worry-Free security settings on laptops depending on whether employees are inside or outside the office, company data is protected even when employees are using an outside wireless connection.

"The IT market for small business and, in particular, the IT security market is still in high-growth mode, hence Trend Micro, with our strategic approach to security and our leadership in web threat protection is perfectly placed to lead this growing market over the next five years. We forecast the five year CAGR for IT spending in small business to be 12% and a growth of 20% for IT security” said Lionel Phang, Vice President of APAC, Trend Micro.