NComputing = Cara pintar untuk ekspansi PC

Cara pintar untuk ekspansi PC
Ncomputing akan mengubah cara kita menggunakan komputer!! Ncomputing bisa memperbanyak sampai 10-30 pemakai dari 1 PC; Cocok untuk berbagai macam aplikasi dari small to medium size business, enterprise dan home markets.

Apa itu Ncomputing?
Ncomputing adalah terminal pertama di dunia yang tidak membutuhkan CPU, hard-drive, atau CD-ROM dan dapat dipergunakan sama seperti PC biasa. Dengan Ncomputing exclusive UTMA (Ultra Thin Multi-Access) teknologi, Ncomputing dapat meng-ekspansi PC anda sampai 10 terminal komputer. (sampai 30 dengan Windows Server 2003 atau 2000 Server. Unlimited terminals dengan operating sistem Linux tertentu)

Mengapa memilih Ncomputing
Biaya lebih efektif
Tidak membutuhkan perawatan
Pengoperasian Windows secara Simultan
Desain yang ringkas
Tidak berisik dan pengunaan listrik kecil hanya 5 watt
Supports high resolution tampilan monitor
Aman dan cepat
Siap dan mudah digunakan

By: Hilman on Mar 10, 2007
Warnet kami menggunakan 10 L100. Kami pakai billing manual Stand alone dibuat pakai Delphi. Kami menggunakan OpenOffice 2.0.4, mirc, winamp, web browser Mozilla, dan etc yang freeware ^_^
Untuk server kami pakai: CPU = Intel (R) Core(TM2)2 CPU E6600 @ 2.40GHz 4MB L2 Cache, RAM 3.0 GB Kingston, Mobo = Intel DP965LT chipshet=P965/G965

Model-model Produk
Produk PCI: Ncomputing X300
Produk Ethernet Base: Ncomputing L130/L230, Ncomputing L120, Ncomputing L200
Discontinue: Ncomputing L100, Ncomputing L110, Ncomputing L120, dan Ncomputing L200.

Produk Ncomputing Terbaru
Ncomputing L130 dan Ncomputing L230

L230 L230 L230

Like all NComputing access terminals, the new L230 and L130 dramatically cut computing costs by sharing the untapped power of standard PCs. Best of all, IT staff and end users do not need special training because our solutions are easy to manage, eco-friendly and compatible with standard PC applications. And like all of our L series, the L230 and L130 can use standard Ethernet infrastructure, so that your users can be located as far away from your shared PCs as you need them to be.

The new L230 and L130 bring enhanced graphics performance (with improved color depth and widescreen support) and a microphone port?all in a stylish new smaller chassis (just 1 inch tall and 4.5 inches square) that takes absolutely no desktop space at all when mounted to the back of a monitor. We even include the mounting bracket at no charge.

Of course, the L230 and L130 include VGA support (resolutions up to 1280x1024 or 1440x900 for widescreen), an Ethernet connection, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, audio output, and power cable connections. The L230 also has a USB port for flash memory devices and an audio input for microphones. The L130 does not have the USB port or microphone input and is recommended for the ultimate in economy and security.

With the NComputing solution, each user has an individual workstation that consists of a standard monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers (not included). However, instead of connecting directly to a PC, these peripherals connect to the L Series access terminal.

The very inexpensive and highly reliable L Series access terminal connects to our terminal services software on the host PC over standard Ethernet cables (plus routers, switches, etc.). Our terminal services software enables the host PC to create unique and simultaneous user sessions so that each user gets their own rich and robust PC experience. A PC that is running a desktop OS (such as Microsoft Windows XP) can support up to ten users. Server operating systems (like Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or Linux) support up to 30 simultaneous users.

L Series Benefits:
* Share one host PC with up to 30 users
* Dramatically reduces acquisition & support costs
* Easy to set up, maintain and secure
* Connects to host PC via Ethernet
* Supports Windows and Linux
* Compact, reliable & energy-efficient (no moving parts)
* Web-quality multimedia support

Our optional NControl and NShield software add more centralized management capabilities?such as remote monitoring and host PC data backup.

By delivering all the key components of this multi-user computing system, NComputing uniquely delivers a high-performance solution at the lowest possible cost. NComputing breaks the affordability and complexity barrier that has limited computing from being deployed everywhere, to everyone.

Perbandingan L230 dan L130 Konfigurasi

Kit Content

Each L130 or L230 terminal comes with a power adapter, a CAT 5e cable, mounting bracket and documentation. A CD with the NComputing terminal services software and the associated license is included. Note that the host PC, user peripherals and networking equipment are not included and must be purchased separately.

Using Linux:
If you would like to install NCT-Linux to use with your L120 please follow the directions listed:

In the Linux terminal window, type
unpack the files into a desired directory
Using the terminal window, type "chmod 777 lntsinst" press enter then on the next line type "./lntsinst" (make sure that you have root priveledges for this last command)
After this you can run the setup and install the SW.

For your reference, our NCT-Linux currently supports
- Suse ( 9.3 version and 10.0, 10.1 )
- Xandros ( 3.02 version )
- Ubuntu ( 5.04 version, 5.10, 6.06, and 7.04) <= Kubuntu also works
- SuSE Linux Enterprise 10
- OpenSuSE 10.1/10.2/10.3 alpha
- CentOS ( 4.0 version )
- Linspire ( 5.059 version )
- Turbolinux ( Japanese edition / 10 version )
- Fedora Core 4.0 and 6.
- Gentoo 2005.0

Please make sure to have GDM installed for the default Desktop Manager. KDE and Gnome are both supported, however GDM is required for authentication.

port to be open:
TCP-Ports: 27605 , 3581 , 3597 , 3645
UDP-Ports: 1283 and 3581

Tips: go to gnome -> system -> admin -> login screen setup.
Check the options there. I forget which option I checked, but after I allow all stuff and reinstall nct-linux. My L200 can connect to Fedora Core 6.

The L200 Product with Linux, has a particularitity. Is necessary to load the BootServer of the Host NCT-Linux, and its Firmware needs to be the image that is in the Software of version 2.01.048, and thus, to obtain authentication and to initiate the correct connection.

If exists "Host Windows" and "Linux" (with NCT)in the net, make sure that the L200 WILL NOT load the BootServer of this "Windows machine". If it to load the Boot Server of the Host Windows, the L200 will not connect (Linux Ts Negociation Error).
Perhaps necessary to isolate the Host Linux, to catch the BootServer.

(Geting the BootServer from NCT-Linux, you can to obtain o Firmware from it)

If the L200 Product, have one firmware more current, however, catches the BootServer of the Host Nct-Linux, and don't get Connection, perhaps necessary to make the DownGrade, and to reduce the version of the Firmware for the image of Software.

(CAUTION, it isn't recomended).

- USB doesn't Work on LINUX!!
- Checking the BootServer: (Info Button)

Debian Linux Remote Device Autologin - Web Kiosk
1) Install IceWM or some other light Window Manager, disable taskbar menu etc
2) Install Opera or Firefox, I really like Opera's kiosk mode.
3) Add a user that will be used for the AutoLogin stuff "opera"
4) Configure gdm (gdm.conf)



5) Add
if [ -x /usr/bin/opera ] ; then
/usr/bin/opera -k -nokeys -nosave -nocontextmenu -nosplash -nosysmenu -nochangebuttons -nochangefullscreen -nominmaxbuttons -nohotlist -noprint -nomenu

Suse Linux 10.1
Fixed the problem just checking the following files:
- kdmrc (Xdmcp and Xaccess tags);
- Xaccess

need a lib, adept, install all the QT3 libs to make it run

NCT running on UBUNTU 7.04 (Feisty)

Before everything, NCT needs Libqt-mt.
Downloads the library Libqt, and installs it.

The Nct looks to the sources of terminals fonts "100dpi" and "75dpi",
into the directory" /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ ", that it is not the directory standard of the sources in the System Ubuntu Feisty.
Correct PATH: "/usr/share/fonts/X11/"
The sources of terminals (100dpi and 75dpi) are the necessary ones, the remaining portion ignore. One is created symbolic links:

# ln -s /usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi
# ln -s /usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi

With this procedure, the System already functions, and the Gdm already work.
With gdm and the XDMCP already working, the interpretations of keyboard is managed by XKB. In some Systems, with layout of keyboard and different nationality, the Xkb can present error to change the parameters of keyboard (model and layout).
This happens reason the XDMCP looks the keyboard configurations ([xkb], maps, symbols and keycodes), in the directory "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb", that into the System Ubuntu 7,04, it does not point the place some (xkb), presenting the error message:
(Error loading new Keyboard Description)

The correct path of the parameters of the XKB in the Ubuntu System is:
XKB => "/etc/X11/xkb/"
LOCALE => "/usr/share/X11/locale/"

So, symbolic links are created:

# ln -s /etc/X11/xkb /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb
# ln -s /usr/share/X11/locale /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale

And the NCT Work (Ubuntu Feisty)...

NCT running on UBUNTU (Feisty)
To gain access to your linux (Ubuntu) machine, you have to enable sharing service.
Goto menu System ->Administration ->Shared Folders.
You will see there are two services you can install, the NFS for Unix and SMB for Windows network. You can give check mark for both of them, or just the SMB.
Click 'Install Services' button.

After the installation finished, goto 'Shared Folders' tab and klik 'Add'.
In option 'Path', pick folder name you want to share (eg. 'SharingSamba').
Make sure you got 'Windows network (SMB)' in the option 'Share through'.
Uncheck option 'Read only' if you want to write to your shared folder from the network.
Click 'OK'.

Change tab to 'General Properties'.
Fill in your network domain/workgroup in option 'Domain / Workgroup'.
Check the option 'This computer is a WINS server', if you want this computer as a WINS server.
Click 'Close'.

Next, you edit a few options in file /etc/samba/samba.conf
to gain direct access without using a password.
Edit this part:




Next, add Samba user. Make sure the Samba username is already exist in your Ubuntu.
After finished added Samba user, restart Samba services to see the changes.
In terminal, type:

$ sudo smbpasswd -a [your login name]

Now go to you windows client.
Goto start menu and click 'RUN'
Type in your Ubuntu share IP.
eg: \\\

You suppose to see the 'SharingSamba' folder in the Internet Explorer.

(This article is modestly translated from InfoLINUX 01/2008, page 76) Sure hope this article can help.
by: -mic-

Lisensi OS dan Software
Hubungi masing-masing vendor produk yang Anda pakai untuk hal lisensi. Penggunaan Software OS dan Aplikasi sepenuhnya tanggung jawab klien.

Here is NComputing's official statement about third party licensing:

"NComputing intends that this product assist you in minimizing hardware deployment and maintenance costs in a multi-user computing environment. You are solely responsible for any software licenses and licensing fees that may be required by third party software licensors. Please ensure that you obtain all necessary software licenses or check your existing software license agreements to ensure your continued compliance with the terms and conditions of such third party licensing agreements."

This is as far as anyone from NComputing will comment on the topic. I know certain NComputing staff have posted different comments about licensing. This supersedes anything other NComputing staff have posted on this topic in the past.

Tom Ligda
Product Marketing Manager
NComputing Inc
Tech Support 1-888-365-1210
Call: Victor (Microsoft Indonesia) di 021-25518100 untuk perihal Lisensi

Minimum hardware requirements:
(Number of Ncomputing Terminals: Requirement)

  • 1: Intel Pentium IV 1.3 GHz, 512 MB RAM or higher.
  • 2-3: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM or higher.
  • 4-7: Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM or higher.
  • 8-10: Intel Pentium IV 3.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM or higher.
  • 10-15: Intel Pentium IV or Xeon 3.0 GHz, 3 GB RAM or higher.
  • 16-20: Intel Pentium IV or Xeon 3.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM or higher.
  • 21-25: Intel Pentium IV or Xeon 3.4 GHz, 5 GB RAM or higher.
  • 26-30: Intel Pentium IV or Xeon 3.6 GHz, 6 GB RAM or higher.

OS Requirements:
(Operating System:
Maximum Connection Limit)

  • Windows XP Home Edition : 10 units
  • Windows XP Professional : 10 units
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition : 10 units
  • Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition / Enterprise Edition) : 30 units
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003 : 30 units
  • Linux* : 30 units (The USB Memory port of L200/L230 model does not support the USB device like as storage device, printer under Linux.)

* Depends on version of Linux

Ncomputing X300

The Xtenda X300 consists of an X300 PCI card and Xtenda Multi Box. The Xtenda PCI card is built around NComputing's proprietary multi-user computing technology for sharing one PC with up to 7 users. The Xtenda PCI Card has three RJ45 ports with each linking to that of an individual Multi Box via a LAN cable. This connection also provides power transmission meaning one less cable dedicated to power. You can install up to two Xtenda PCI Cards into a single computer, enabling the computer to have maximum of 7 total users.

Cost effective way to add more users up to 7 users*
The Xtenda X300 gives any office or home user the opportunity to expand an existing Host PC easily and affordably. (*Each Xtenda PCI Card provides 3 user ports. With two Xtenda PCI Cards per PC can allow seven operational users including the Host PC.)

Hassle-free Maintenance
Since there is no CPU, Memory or HDD, no additional hardware or software maintenance would be required. The host PC is the only device that requires additional maintenance.

Simultaneous Windows and Linux operation
Both the Host PC and the Xtenda Multi Boxes can run independently of each other and execute the same applications separatly.

The Xtenda X300 will run most Windows and Linux based applications with virtually zero compatibility issues; full-screen streaming, internet browing, email, office suites and much more.

Supports monitors and displays
800x600(75Hz) / 1024x768(60Hz) 16 bit color (65,536 colors).

Secure and fast
NComputing proprietary Terminal Protocol allows for a fast and secure environment using image caching and other exciting technologies. Xtenda PCI Card After installing X300 PCI card into computer's PCI slot, you only have to connect RJ45 port of Xtenda PCI Card and multi box.

Space Saving
Users have more elbow room just using multi box of cigarette box size

Computer Xtenda X300

Cost - One computer for one user
- Min 250watt power consumption for one PC
- Replacement or upgrades of part of or the whole PC systems in use every 2 to 3 years
- One computer for max. 7 users
- 0.5watt power consumption for one Xtenda Multi Box
- Possible to improve all user's system performance by just upgrading part of or just one whole host computer

Security - Exposure to illegal data leakage.
- Exposure to Virus and computer Hacking
- X300 Multi Box doesn't have external storage devices.

Service /
- Have to control each individual computers
- Only the host computer requires maintnence
- Highly effective centralized contral (program installation, deletion, and maintenance)

Environment -Heat and noises from CPU, VGA, Power Supply Fan, HDD.
- Smaller elbow room
- No noise (no fan for Xtenda Multi Box) and pleasant working environment, and giving bigger elbow room

Lisensi OS dan Software
Hubungi masing-masing vendor produk yang Anda pakai untuk hal lisensi. Penggunaan Software OS dan Aplikasi sepenuhnya tanggung jawab klien.

This product is intended to reduce H/W deployment and maintenance costs. Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreement to ensure your continued compliance with such agreement. The NComputing Terminal Server software comes with free of charge and 14 month free internet update service. After 14 months from the date of registration, to get most recent version of terminal server software, customer may need to buy extended subscription membership from website or local distributor.


Recomended Host PC systems

Recommended system requirements vary according to the number of Multi Box and specific applications.

Xtenda PCI Card : 120mm(W) x 65mm(H)(Low Profile) with PCI standard bracket, 70g
Xtenda Multibox : 110mm(W) x 65mm(H)x28mm(D), 93

Supporting OS
Windows XP Home/Pro, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Media Center and Linux

1024 x 768 (60Hz), 800 x 600 (75Hz) 16bit color (65,536 colors)

NComputing Named "Cool Vendor" in Client Computing by Leading Analyst Firm
NComputing has been selected for the list of cool vendors in Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Client Computing, 2008" report (by Mark A. Margevicius, et al. - April 15, 2008). Gartner chose vendors that they consider to be innovative, impactful and intriguing: "technologies that can save users substantial space, time and money."

WSJ Innovation Award - Winner Computing Systems category
NComputing has won the prestigious 2007 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in the category of Computing Systems. The award winners are recognized for innovations that are truly a leap in terms of substance and impact. The Wall Street Journal reviewed over 800 companies in various categories, and fewer than 4% received an award. We are very proud to be recognized as the most innovative computing company of 2007! This recognition validates NComputing's revolutionary technology that is providing the world's most affordable PC access solutions.

X300 wins District Administration Readers' Choice Top 100 Award

"The X300 Access Terminal Kit can help educators cut computing costs by allowing them to share one host PC with three additional users, or up to seven users with two kits. The kit's PCI card, access terminals, and software harness excess computing capacity. The kit connects users directly to the host PC via standard cable, includes terminal services software for Windows and Linux and supports standard applications, including multimedia. Each user still has a standard monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers."

NComputing earns gold 5-Star rating

NComputing, Inc. was certified as a Gold 5-Star Overall Winner in VARBusinesses' 2008 Partner Program Guide (PPG), a guide that acknowledges the commitment and strength of a vendor's partner programs for its Channel resellers, IT integrators, and technology consultants.

Of the hundreds of vendor program entries reviewed for this year's guide, NComputing was one of only ten Gold 5-Star Overall Winners chosen in this 14th annual VARBusinesse Partner Programs Guide survey.

"The quality of a vendor's partner program reflects the true commitment they have to the thriving Solution Provider Channel, and this years 5-Star Partner Programs Guide winners are the cream of the crop of Channel-friendly vendors," said Robert C. DeMarzo, vice president and editorial director, CMP Channel.

NComputing named a "Top 5Business to Watch" by IT World Canada

According to the article published by IT World Canada NComputing has "been making waves in the IT world with its low-cost computing terminals that open up new markets for resellers - while at the same time offering high margins. There's also the added bonus of being able to help economically limited markets."
It also goes on to state that:
"The company recently opened its doors in Canada and signed on Synnex as its national distributor. As a 100 per cent channel-based company, it's in the process of building a dealer base in Canada and developing an aggressive dealer-centric program to make this one of the hottest-selling products that resellers have in their arsenal.I think 2008 is our year to blossom in Canada," said Stephen Dukker, CEO of NComputing in Redwood City, Calif.

Click here to read the entire article.

EXPOCOMM Mexico 2008 1st place

With approximately 13,896 attendees, more than 100 speakers, seven international pavilions and 300 participant companies, EXPO COMM MEXICO 2008 offered, four days of a wide range of first level solutions for the industry of Telecommunications and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), as well as the definitive announcements of the sector for the current year.

As recognition for the technologies and applications presented during the forum, an Editorial Board comprised by editors of the most prestigious technology and business media, granted NComputing the first place award as the best solution for small and medium businesses.

Product evaluation of NComputing X300

" got the opportunity to do a quick test of the X300 units from Ncomputing and suffice to say that we were had the units up and running in about 2 hours...All in all very impressed...These little dudes are great."

NComputing named Red Herring 100 Finalist

"For over 10 years, the Red Herring editorial team has diligently surveyed entrepreneurship around the globe. Technology industry executives, investors, and observers have regarded the Red Herring 100 lists as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation. Past award winners include Google, Yahoo!, Skype, Netscape,, and YouTube."

CeBIT 2006 Server-Based Award Winner

NComputing won two of 9 server-based awards. The company was recognized for two applications of its virtual desktop technology. One was for the use of systems at Pollmeier, a sawmill in Germany, where they were installed in an environment where all other computing solutions had failed, inlcuding thin clients. The other was for the work with the WTO conference that brought dependable, efficient, and affordable computing access to over 11,000 participants.

Finalist: Silicon Valley Business Journal's green and clean category

The Silicon Valley Business Journal named NComputing as a finalist in this category in November of 2007.At a time when computers are responsible for nearly three-quarters of America's toxic waste NComputing's solution is a welcome savior of e-waste, carbon emissions, and money.