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SO, ITIL and COBIT triple play fosters optimal security management execution
Mary Johnston Turner, senior analyst; Jon Oltsik, senior analyst; and John
McKnight, research director, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
April 02 2008
In a survey of security professionals conducted for the recent research
report Security Management Matures, ESG discovered that 72 percent of North
American enterprise-class organizations (i.e., organizations with 1,000 or
more employees) say they are implementing one or more formal IT best
practice control and process models. The most widely-used commercial
frameworks include: * ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library): Provides recommendations for a wide
range of IT operations and service delivery best practices including
security management. ITIL's information security recommendations are based
heavily on ISO/IEC 17999 and emphasize information confidentiality,
integrity and availability.
* ISO/IEC 17799/27002 (Information technology - Security techniques -
Code of pract…

ManageEngine OpUtils, a real time Network Monitoring toolset, provides bandwidth monitoring through SNMP

ManageEngine OpUtils, a real time Network Monitoring toolset, provides
bandwidth monitoring through SNMP: 1.Monitor the bandwidth usage of the individual interfaces of the
switches/routers/ or any SNMP device.
2.Provides the trends on bandwidth usage across a day, month, and a year.
3.Set thresholds on the bandwidth usage and get notified when the
limit is exceeded.
4.The utilization data can be exported to a csv format for future
reference or to be integrated with third-party reporting engines.In addition to bandwidth monitoring, it also has tools to detect rogue
devices in the network, IP Address Management, Switch Port Mapping,
taking backup of the configuration, compare configuration between
startup and running configs, compare configuration details between
different devices, upload configurations to the Cisco Switches and
Routers, Wake on LAN, and more.You can download a free evaluation version from
Fanky Christian

Rancangan Peta Jalan Infrastruktur Indonesia

Ditjen Postel akan menyusun rancangan peta jalan infrastruktur satelit Indonesia. Menurut Kepala Bagian Umum dan Humas Ditjen Postel, Gatot Dewa Broto dalam siaran persnya, penyusunan rancangan ini sangat penting karena Indonesia merupakan negara berkembang pertama yang mampu memiliki satelit komunikasi sendiri untuk melayani keperluan domestik dalam negeri maupun di kawasan.

Gatot menambahkan, walaupun Indonesia masih memiliki beberapa satelit yang mengorbit, namun sebagian besar permintaan kebutuhan transponder masih dipenuhi oleh satelit asing. Menurut Gatot, penguasaan teknologi persatelitan domestik seperti ini kurang memenuhi harapan. "Pemerintah melalui Ditjen Postel sebagai Administrasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia memiliki komitmen sebagai garda terdepan dalam meningkatkan perkembangan persatelitan di Indonesia, sehingga paling tidak, akan dapat meningkatkan daya saing industri persatelitan di Indonesia di masa yang akan datang," ujar Gatot dalam siaran persnya.