Computerized Maintenance Management Software

If you are looking for a pure CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) the Standard Edition will fit you. It has Maintenance management, Asset Management and tracking, KnowledgeBase, Purchase and Contract Management and Reports to help you manage and track work orders.

* Maintenance management - Optimizing maintenance management can save your organization a considerable percentage of its maintenance contract charge. The integrated maintenance mangement system in FacilitiesDesk helps you to generate the following requests.
o Preventive maintenance or Scheduled maintenance management
o Breakdown maintenance request management
o Tracking and monitoring the work orders
* Asset management and Tracking - Manage complete database of resources and track their usability status.
* Purchase Orders Management - Carry out the complete cycle from creating a purchase order to passing it over approval stage and closing the same. Also tracking the purchase order on need basis as a reference.
* Contracts Management - Similar to purchase order this feature offers creation, management and tracking of Contracts effectively.
* Reports - Generation of n number of Reports with varied permutations and combinations of various maintenance management and asset management parameters.
* KnowledgeBase - Comprehensive self customizable knowledge portal for various maintenance management activities which helps resolving recurring breakdown maintenance issues and in carrying out repeated preventive maintenance tasks.
* User-Friendly Configuration Wizard - The CMMS Configuration wizard will help you with the initial self customized setup of the AdventNet ManageEngine® FacilitiesDesk.