The Ultimate Hospital Management with FacilitiesDesk

Hospital facilities need consistent maintenance management and persistent control of the utility of hospital assets and equipments to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Maintenance has a vital role in running the hospital or clinic facility seamlessly. Healthcare facilities can use software application to help track maintenance like both preventive and services of assets like Hospital furniture, generators, and pricey surgical equipment and tools. Hospital maintenance software helps in knowing how much is being spent on any particular part of the building or type of maintenance issue. Service requests/work-orders need to be responded to speedily and efficiently and preventive maintenance schedules need to be set up in order to provide a clean, healthy environment, without intrusion.

FacilitiesDesk is a powerful, flexible, easy to use facility management system and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to infrastructures like hospitals and clinics. And more importantly it is backed by reliable and dynamic FacilitiesDesk support.

This integrated facility software helps multi specialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and facility management processes. This end-to-end facility tool provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient helpdesk, hospital administration and critical asset management, in a seamless flow.

The objective is to provide an integrated solution for the hospital, which

* Helps in efficient hospital management
* Improve hospital administrative work efficiency
* Perk up Fiscal control
* Eliminate chances of Pilferage
* Enable the growth of the hospital

What you need?

* Be fully informed about the vital stats of the hospital facilities
* Lesser dependency on middle and lower management and hence full control on the staff
* Take corrective actions on your flaws based on instantly available data updates
* Helps you to plan for future activity like preventive maintenance, move management.
* Ultimate Aim - Effective operation of the hospital facility for better patient care with efficiency

Here is your Facility management software solution: FacilitiesDesk

* FacilitiesDesk streamlines the facility operations and information flow in the hospital to synergize the resources namely staffs, equipments, facility through its integrated modules
* This software facilitates hospital-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like facility maintenance on demand and on preventive basis, hospital resources management etc.
* Its core modules smooth the progress of hospitals' operation thereby augmenting the overall Hospital Image. FacilitiesDesk bridges the information gap across the hospital.
* FacilitiesDesk eliminates the most of the business problems like Productivity enhancements, Maintenance service, facility Management, Resources tracking problems, Pilferage, etc.

Key Features

* FacilitiesDesk is a fully-integrated, Hospital Information System Solution.
* This FacilitiesDesk gives a total integration of HelpDesk systems, Facility administrative system, and departmental subsystems within a hospital.
* It allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduced maintenance and overheads.
* The data is stored in a single database providing real time data across applications throughout the hospital. Since all the data is stored centrally, it can be viewed simultaneously from multiple terminals giving all departments' access to timely, up-to-date patient information.
* FacilitiesDesk offers a foolproof data security without user intervention to archive data.
* FacilitiesDesk is a comprehensive information system dealing with all aspects of information processing in a hospital. This encompasses human (and paper-based) information processing as well as data processing machines.
* As an area of Medical Informatics the aim of FacilitiesDesk is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.

By delivering full visibility and synchronization of patient rooms, tasks, equipment, and services for ideal patient throughput and hospital management, FacilitiesDesk provides the necessary workflow tools to maximize patient satisfaction, while at the same time improving hospital infrastructure profitability.