Netflow Analyzer support Microsoft SQL Server

The wait is over and the support for MicroSoft SQL server - Early
access, is here! Please read the following carefully before upgrading.

The Limitations:

* The patch is supported only on a Windows OS
* Runs only with default instance
* Does not support radius server authentication
* Does not support the "automatic deletion of oldest raw data when
free disk space goes below the user defined value" feature.
* Does not support the "email alert when the free disk space goes
below the user defined value" feature.
* Only the configuration can be migrated from MYSQL to MSSQL, and
Data cannot be migrated.

For your convenience, we have made two options available.

1. For those who don't want to keep their data, they can select a
"fresh installation", wherein the product will be installed afresh.
2. For those who treasure their configurations, do not fear, we have
a separate upgrade patch for you. Data cannot be migrated, only
configurations can be migrated.

The patch can only be applied over NetFlow Analyzer build 7500. To view
your current build number, log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client and
click the *"About"* link in the top right corner. You will find the
build number mentioned below the version number.

To upgrade your NetFlow Analyzer installation to 7500, visit here
<>. After
upgrading to 7500, Kindly fill up this form
to receive the *c* patch.