What new in SupportCenter 7.5 ?

Help Desk Software - Multi Tenancy.gif Multi Tenancy

The all new Business Units functionality provides you with four levels hierarchy and a complete flexibility in accessing you client information, trouble tickets, contracts, support plans etc. Business units presents you wide range of possibilities to create support processes based on your departments, SBUs, products, branches etc.

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Help Desk Software - Communicate-Better Communicate Better

SupportCenter Plus integrates Computer Telephony* with Call Pop-Up and Click-to-Dial features. Implementing computer telephony with SupportCenter Plus will help you to communicate better with your customers and enhance the experience

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Help Desk Software - Multi-site support Serve your customers, wherever they are

SupportCenter Plus integrates with Zoho Meeting, a remote desktop sharing utility. Now you can access your customer's desktop over the internet and solve their problems swiftly and efficiently.

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Help Desk Software - Selfservice Let your support staff take a break

Tired of sloppy customer web portals? SupportCenter Plus offers you the completely customizable customer web portal to be integrated with your website. Manage your links, change the way it looks and customize at your will. Empower your customers to access the knowledge base, solutions and even customer service reports. Let your support team take a break

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Help Desk Software - Secured Secured Truly

SupportCenter Plus 7.5 will support secure email protocols POPS, IMAPS and SMTPS enabling you make secure email transactions over the internet.

Help Desk Software - Lively Lively

Yes, we have got a make over. SupportCenter Plus will sport a brand new UI with Web 2.0 styles, lively colors for a more simplified user experience