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What new in ServiceDesk Plus 7.5 ?

ServiceDesk Plus 7.5 - the intuitive and affordable helpdesk and asset management software comes with support for multiple sites, request form customizations and many more enhancements.
Multi Site Support

Configure multiple sites for a single organization. This support will be available in

* Requests
* Holidays
* Business Rules
* Assets

* Departments
* Operational Hours
* Technicians

* Groups
* SLA's
* Requesters


Custom Request Forms

* Create custom forms for each request template.(Eg. A new hire form can be created to include fields like "OS", "Seating Location"etc.A software purchase request form will have fields like "Version", "Vendor", "Number of Copies" etc.).
* Hide certain fields from the technician view also.
* Form Layout Customization.



* A Calendar view for technician indicating the request, task, change and problem count on each day.
* Create new tasks, re…