New Features in NetFlow Analyzer 8.0

New Features in NetFlow Analyzer 8.0 as follows:


Monitors the key performance metrics of the VoIP network to determine
its health. The parameters measured include Jitter, Latency, Packet
Loss etc. Read more on how VoIP monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer

* SNMP V3 support

Support for SNMP V3 has been added in this release. Cisco SNMP v3 has
brought in security enhancements. Other important features of SNMP v3
are message integrity, authentication and encryption.

* FNF - NBAR integration

Any router which supports Flexible NetFlow (FNF) can export NBAR data.
The advantage of using FNF is the ability to get NBAR details without
SNMP polling. NBAR data can be obtained along with the traffic usage
details.

* V9 Sampling

NetFlow Analyzer now does NetFlow V9 sampling as well!

* Cisco ASA

NetFlow Analyzer now supports Cisco ASA (ISO version 8.2 onwards).
More details...

* CBQoS Child Policy and PDF option

This is an enhancement to already existing support for Cisco CBQoS.
Now, NetFlow analyzer lets users create child policies under parent
policies and also, CBQoS reports can be exported as PDF

* Geo Locations reports of IP Addresses

Resolves and groups IP addresses into groups of countries. Lists the
traffic usage and bandwidth utilization of the link by the IP address
from separate countries

* Single Click Scheduling Option

Scheduling the reports have made much easier. It can be done with a
single click on the report that has been generated.

* Network Layout using google maps and Google map widgets

Devices can be located on google maps and a click on the link between
devices will give details about the link utilization and more. It also
gives an easy understanding of the geographic distribution of your
network devices.

* More Graphical Widgets and some new Widgets added in Dashboard

The widgets have become more graphical, it is now easier to interpret data.

* Sampling rate accounted during the flow calculation

Flow calculation also takes sampling rate(defined by the network
administrator) into account

* Global search for IP Address link

Type in the IP address of the source / destination / network... or any
of the given choices and Voila! you will get Traffic IN and Traffic
OUT details for the particular IP address

* Operator specific Dashboard permissions

Operators and guest accounts can also create dashboards

* Top N AS reports
* Last 15, 30 Min reports
* 1, 5, 15 Min averages in traffic report
* Consolidated report for a device
* Localization

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