Free HyperV Performance Monitor Tool


Virtual Machine's emulates all aspects of an actual computer and creates a
separate environment for running operating system. Each operating system
is logically isolated with host server and also multiple such VMs running
simultaneously on the same host physical server. Virtual servers provide
great cost benefits as opposed to real physical server. This encourages
people to run many applications and services on these virtual servers. The
application, that is running within the virtual servers need to be running
all the time. Any outage or performance degradation in the virtual
servers, will affect the applications and services running on them,
resulting in a bad user-experience. Hence it becomes imperative to monitor
and manage those virtual servers continuously at all times so that you
know early enough about a possible problem, before it translates into
substantial loss of revenue.

The "ManageEngine HyperV Performance Monitor" free tool addresses this
requirement. The ManageEngine HyperV Performance Monitoring tool, monitors
important parameters of Microsoft Hyper V platform. This tool fetches
comprehensive data about the servers and virtual machines and presents
them as visually elegant graphs and reports in a desktop tool dashboard
providing wealth of information and the real-time functioning of the
virtual servers.

ManageEngine HyperV performance monitor tool can monitor 2 virtual servers
simultaneously. The most interesting part is that the tool is made
available to you absolutely FREE of cost.
Monitor Microsoft Hyper-V with Manage Engine Free HyperV performance
Monitor Tool

Free ManageEngine HyperV Performance Monitoring Tool provides an exclusive
monitoring solution for HyperV server, a Virtual Machine, running on
Windows 2008 R2 . This tool shows the actual resource utilization of the
virtual servers along with CPU usage, Memory details, Disk and Network
utilization of each guest operating system on Microsoft HyperV
Environment. The dashboard quickly shows how many virtual machines are
present, how many are powered on/off and its severity as Critical or
Warning in a elegant TreeView, and also, how much CPU are allocated to /
consumed by each Virtual Machine etc., in an intuitive bar graph.

Using the free monitoring tool, the administrator can also set threshold
values for CPU usage like critical and warning thresholds. If at all in a
virtual server, the CPU Utilization dangerously crosses the threshold
limits, alert signals are shown in the dashboard tool. The IT
administrator can then effortlessly manage and prevent VM and host server
crash or bring back the servers to normal functioning state.

The ManageEngine HyperV performance monitoring Free Tool serves as a smart
desktop tool that continously monitors HyperV, a Microsoft virtual server,
across your network, giving you real-time insight into your monitoring
need. The tool helps to track virtual server's health and ensures your
mission-critical applications run smoothly.

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