Desktop Central: Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 70114 and 70117

README for Hotfix to Desktop Central 7
Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 70114 and 70117


1. Hardware details of CDROM Drive, USB Controller and USB Hub will now
have an additional column indicating the reason for the hardware error, if
2. Option to grant/revoke remote access to the database used by Desktop
Central for users to retrieve the data for reporting purposes has been
3. Patch engine has been optimised for large networks.

Bug Fixes

1. Distribution Server patch replication issue has been fixed.
2. Issue in performing double-click actions twice on the Remote Computer
when using Java Viewer has been fixed.
3. Num Lock key issue on the Remote Computer when accessing it using the
Activex viewer has been fixed.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 70100 and 70114

Remote Control

1. Issue while editing Remote Control Settings has been fixed.
2. File Transfer Support included in Java Viewer.
3. File Transfer Support has been included.
4. Dual Monitor Support has been added.
5. 16 bit Colour Quality Support included.
6. Copy and Paste Feature is added in Remote Control.
7. Remote Control Java Viewer can be opened in a Separate Tab.
8. Availability of Minimize option in Remote Control ActiveX Viewer.

Patch Management

1. Provision to Block Shutdown during Patch Installation has been
2. Option to change the location where the downloaded patches are
stored has been included.
3. Draft download issue during Automated Patch Deployment has been
4. Support to automate patch deployment for Java has been included.
5. Support for patching third party applications in non-Engish OS
has been included.
6. OS Service Pack attribute has been included in the System Health
Wizard of Patch Management.
7. Patch Management Notifications has been enhanced to notify the
availability of new patch releases from Microsoft Patch Tuesdays.
8. Issue in replicating the patches in the Distribution Server when
file already exists and if the patch version is modified has been
9. "Scanning Timed Out" issue during on-demand scanning has been


1. Issue in deleting the ports of the corresponding IP Printer has
been fixed.
2. Issue in deleting all the printers if "Delete all existing IP
printer connections" option is selected in IP Printer configuration
has been fixed.
3. Custom Script and Message Box configurations have been enhanced
with Execution options.
4. Issue in listing the configuration when it is deleted has been
5. Support for deleting multiple configurations has been added.
6. Internet Shortcut feature has been introduced in Shortcut
7. IP Printer Installation can now be performed across
8. Apply Always Option is enabled for Internet Explorer, Display,
Path, Environmental Variable and Folder Redirection configurations.
9. File and Folder operations can now be performed across domains.
10. Issue in drive mapping configuration in win 2003 terminal
session has been fixed .

Asset Management

1. Support to update Asset Data to ServiceDesk Plus in secure mode
(HTTPS) has been included.
2. Monitor details in Computer Details view has been enhanced to
include Monitor Size and Installation information.
3. Issue in getting the CD Keys in some specific cases has been
fixed in Software Product Keys report.
4. Accessing Inventory Reports issue has been fixed.
5. Network Adapters details in Computer Details view has been
enhanced to include the Connection Status.
6. OS included in Software Licensing.
7. OS Count mismatch issue in Computer Reports of Inventory module
has been fixed.
8. Issue in retrieving the Product Keys of Microsoft Office 2010
has been fixed.
9. Report on 'Computers with/without a specific Software' has been
introduced in the Inventory Module.

Software Deployment

1. The size restriction in using "Http mode" while adding the
package has been increased to 1GB.


1. Quick Links have been introduced for all the modules listing
related Knowledge Base and How To articles.
2. Option to validate Checksum to download Agent & Distribution
Server msi and Software packages has been added.
3. Issue in updating agent settings in Add Computers page has been
4. Issue in updating the OS details to ServiceDesk Plus has been
5. Fixed the issue of target resetting to domain whenever modifying
6. Modify Distribution Server msi while updating Agent settings
issue has been fixed.
7. Issue while Scheduling Shutdown for large number of computers
has been fixed.
8. Define Target Issue in Custom Group has been fixed.
9. Issue in processing the filter in agent side has been fixed.
10. Issue in Define Target for Domain Users of Active Directory
Group has been fixed.
11. 'Office Location' attribute corresponding to a particular AD
User will now be populated in the AD User Reports.
12. User Name attribute has been added in AD User Logon History Report.
13. Issue in installing Desktop Central Agents from the client
console has been fixed.
14. Issue while validating the 'Sender E-Mail Address' in Mail
Server Settings has been fixed.
15. Issue in using HTTP communication even if HTTPS is enabled has
been fixed.
16. Request timeout in Agent-Server communication has been increased
to avoid time out errors.
17. Memory leak while initiating scanning from Internet Explorer 8
has been fixed.
18. 'Remaining Days' mismatch in Soon-to-Expire User Password Report
has been fixed.