Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you try ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus 5.0 ?

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus is a SQL Server monitoring tool which is
aimed towards SQL Database Administrators (DBAs). With the help of this
tool, DBAs can now

* Get Holistic View of SQL Servers in a Single Console
* Monitor Critical SQL Servers through Agentless Monitoring Methodology
* Identify Performance Bottle-necks and Troubleshoot them
* Generate in-depth Reports for SQL Servers
* Help Capacity Planning through Trend Analysis for SQL Servers

Using SQLDBManager Plus, you can monitor various performance metrics of
SQL Server such as

* Host Performance Metrics- Monitor CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization
* Memory Performance Metrics- Monitor SQL Buffer Memory, Cache Memory,
Lock Memory, etc.
* Session Performance Metrics- Monitor Connection Statistics, Active
Connections, SQL Compilations and Recompilations per minute, etc.
* Database Performance Metrics- Monitor Databases, Database File Size,
Availability and Health, etc.
* SQL Jobs- Monitor various Jobs present in SQL Server, its Current
Status, Last Run Status, etc.
* SQL Backup - Monitor SQL Server Backup Start and End time, Total
Time for Execution, etc.
* SQL Custom Query Monitoring- Execute Custom Queries and Monitor
specific Databases Additional Performance Metrics.

Go ahead and download 30-day free trial SQLDBManager Plus software. Check
out the screenshot tour as well.

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