Create Linksys WDS using dd-wrt tutorial

Believe or not that you can create and efficient wifi network for your small office and home office (SOHO). For doing this you only need several Linksys WRT54GL to cover every spot to get maximum signal strength without meshed up by your network cable. Suppose that you have a client or group of client that >50m away from main accesspoint (WRT54GL) with several obstacle that you believe reduce your main accespoint signal strength reach that clients spot. Having this case, the conventional idea is laying network cable from main accespoint to the spot and activate another wireless accespoint. don't be mistaken, this proposal is nothing wrong with it. The only is, we just want to simplify the work, other word of lazy, to avoid get sweat and perform an act as wireless hacker guy. To achieve the same result as conventional way without cable, we will use dd-wrt linksys firmware facility called WDS.

to perform WDS way, we need the following ingredients:
  1. at least 2 WRT54GL Linksys machine
  2. dd-wrt firmware
  3. your willingness
get bored with my english? let's go through screenshot series below:
  1. Please read my previous post to get your Linksys WRT54GL flashed with our cool dd-wrt firmware. Without doubt, just flashed both of WRt4GL. Just to remember below is final result of flashed WRT54GL
  2. on the #1 WRT54GL (main accespoint), go to menu: Wireless>WDS. Once you get there, please attention to WDS settings and you will see Ten empty slot. Choose the first empty slot and change the 'Disable' to 'LAN' then fill the six MAC field that initially contain with '00' to your #2 WRT54GL wireless MAC address (to obtain the #2 wireless MAC, see #1 picture with red rectangle). Leave the rest of settings and to finish the setting for #1 WRT54GL press apply settings button at the botom.
  3. Now go to #2 Wrt54GL Setup>Basic Setup, that already flashed with dd-wrt firmware for sure, then disable DHCP server to avoid 2 DHCP server running on your network and change the routerIP to the different IP than the #1 WRT54GL (in my case I choose
  4. Now you safe to connecting #2 WRT54GL to the Main Accespoint! to set WDS for this #2WRT54GL, please do the same way as the step No. 2 to fill #1 WRT54GL Wireless MAC address to WDS settings at #2 WRT54GL.
  5. Finally we're on the final step to complete the setting at #2 WRT54GL by clone the basic wireless settings as #1 WRT54GL. The easiest way is to just go to Wireless>Basic Settings and change the SSID and the channel then leave the rest.
  6. To see the result, just go to your main router (in my case I browse to and see the system info. You'll get the WDS Node has active.
  7. At this point, you already done the WDS setup and running. So you can test the achievement, on the spot where previously has weak signal, by monitor the wireless on your laptop wifi manager.
Additionally, since WRT54GL has built-in 4 port switch, you can expand your SOHO network using network cable via the built-in switch.

Happy WDS,