Selamat kepada PT MULTIMEDIA NUSANTARA yang telah memilih MANAGEENGINE NETFLOW ANALYZER untuk menghasilkan report terkait penggunaan bandwidth bagi para pelanggannya.

NetFlow Analyzer Customers

Editions and Add-Ons of NetFlow Analyzer

There are three editions of NetFlow analyzer catering to the Small/ Medium and Large enterprises. Know more about the various editions of NetFlow Analyzer.
Advanced Security Analytics Module and IP Service Level Agreements(IP SLA) are two Add-Ons of NetFlow analyzer.

What problems does it solve?

What benefit does it offer? [Benefits video]

In-depth visibility with top hosts, applications, DSCP, TCP_Flag and AS information for every link and for configurable IP Based departments and divisions, Fine Grained Application Categorization and Recognition using Cisco NBAR, Proactive alerting and Scheduling of reports, Privilege based user access, billing / chargeback, reporting on Cisco CBQoS and much more. Simply put, NetFlow Analyzer helps you with network traffic monitoring with easy-to-understand reports for a better understanding of the bandwidth utilization in you network. Bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis made easy!

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