E-DISC Profiling

Extended DISC Behavioral Profiling

The Extended DISC behavioral profile is a popular and effective tool for identifying the inherent behavioural strengths and challenges of individuals and teams. A business is a series of relationships between people and its success largely depends on the relationships between members.
The great thing about Extended DISC is it does not put people into boxes and say ‘you are an analyst’. What it does do is accurately report the behaviours of each person in a way that they can clearly understand themselves and the effect that the behaviours has on others.
Behaviours are learned responses and can be changed if they are not producing the desired result.
An Extended DISC profile enables a manager to identify individual members of their team with the right characteristics for each role.
The chart below shows the key attributes of the 4 styles.
D : inspired by challenges;
I : inspired by people;
S : inspired by doing things right;
C : inspired by doing things well;
Discover more about Extended DISC behavioral styles and how they can assist you to:
  • Improve recruitment by employing the right person with the best characteristics for the role
  • Improve individual performance of your team members by better understanding their strengths, motivators, development areas, and the management style they best respond to.
  • Improve team dynamics and performance.
  • Understand key strengths and identify gaps