PT. DCMS sebagai reseller resmi NETZOOM

Kami merasa bangga menjadi bagian dari ALTIMA dalam menjual solusi produk NETZOOM di Indonesia. Produk Netzoom akan menambah lini produk kami terkait dengan Data Center dan optimalisasi pengelolaan datacenter.

Silahkan hubungi kami untuk keperluan produk NETZOOM Anda..

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1 Implementation through Automation Implementation through automation
Import your datacenter hierarchy, rack elevations, cable connections, and datacenter information through spreadsheets, databases, and existing NetZoom diagrams. You can also import your soft resources files, roles, and tenants to automate the implementation of your datacenter. Use third party integration to integrate SQL databases with other applications and create backup and restoration files.
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2 Perform Reporting and Detailed Analysis Perform reporting and detailed analysis
Automatically generate a variety of detailed, customizable reports in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SQL Reports, and Adobe PDF. Also generate plan view layouts of your datacenter, along with detailed rack elevations and connectivity. Generate other outputs such as logical layouts, schematic diagrams, connectivity trace diagrams, dashboard, and much more.
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3 Asset Management in a Centralized Repository Asset management in a centralized repository
Design a multilevel model to visualize your datacenter. Use classifications and tenants to manage your assets in an organized manner. Configure your equipment and rack elevations and store and share them through favorites. Use labels, watermarks, and capacity charts to identify assets and monitor their performance.
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4 Search Instantly Search instantly
Find equipment shapes in the NetZoom library or locate assets by using smart search features and SQL queries. Locate available capacity for new devices and find and replace old devices easily. Update your NetZoom library using Smart Update, and request development of new shapes free.
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5 Change Management Change management
Create plans to simulate and manage changes in your datacenter. Generate intelligent work orders using your plans and track changes using history and maintenance logs. Use staging area and maintenance mode to perform datacenter maintenance.
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6 Connectivity Management Connectivity management
Create and manage port to port connections in your datacenter. Create data and power connections and easily distinguish them. You can also automatically generate diagrams to view these connections or trace them using the multi-view trace connectivity feature.
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7 Implement Security Implement security
Use built-in role based security to manage access privileges of users for each datacenter site. Manage access to assets, features, datacenter sites, and other items. Restrict read-write-delete permissions for each asset and use tenants and classifications to further control accessibility.
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8 Information Management Information management
Import custom properties and manage custom data for your datacenters. Use formula-based expressions to automatically calculate property values for your datacenter. Also use NetZoomDC to collect and manage soft resources associated with any hardware in your datacenter.
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