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Gunakan perspektif Allah

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Subject: (e-SH) 05 Maret -- Lukas 14:1-11 - Gunakan perspektif Allah
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Sarana untuk menggumuli makna Firman Tuhan bagi hidup
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Tanggal: Sabtu, 5 Maret 2011
Ayat SH: Lukas 14:1-11Judul: Gunakan perspektif AllahSebagai anak-anak Tuhan sudah sepatutnya kita menjalani hidup ini
dengan mamakai perspektif Allah. Dunia menggunakan perspektif
hidup yang bertolak belakang dari cara pandang Allah. Dunia
melihat segala sesuatu dari sudut pandang "apa yang aku dapatkan".
Kita perlu waspada karena cara pandang seperti ini bisa saja
dimanifestasikan menjadi cara-cara yang saleh juga. Namun Allah
mengajar anak-anak-Nya untuk mem…

Virtualizing the Campus Data Center

Reducing servers in the data center through virtualization saved so
much money for Loyola University Chicago that the move paid for itself
almost before the project was complete. At another Chicago
institution, Saint Xavier University, annual virtualization savings
from energy cuts and less hardware is estimated at some $7,500 a
year--including not just a smaller utility bill, but fewer software
licenses and greater efficiency.Saint Xavier's 'Green Angle'
And, by reducing the overall server load, virtualization has brought
an added benefit: Regardless of the original reasons for the
downsizing, the much-unappreciated campus data center may well get a
PR boost for "going green.""It did help to mention the green angle" in proposing Saint Xavier's
data center revamp, according to Dan Lichter, director of data and
network infrastructure at Saint Xavier.The university, an independent Catholic institution in Chicago with
5,000-plus students, had launched an office of …

Five ways IT pros can use social media to propel the business forward

By Toni Bowers | March 2, 2011, 5:39 AM PSTI hear a lot from IT managers who get ticked off a little by the emphasis in media circles about the need for innovative thinking in IT. None of them deny the need, but most of them exist in reactive mode, and wouldn't have the time to innovate even if they had the resources.So along comes commercialized IT — smartphones and social media — and managing a company's IT feels like cat herding. It becomes a dichotomy. IT folks, who love technology, almost resent the rate and manner in which new technology is hitting them.In other words, the lines between business and personal communication are being blurred. So, as an IT pro, how do you navigate and leverage these new modes of communication and continue to keep both legal and the business happy?I spoke to Len Couture, Managing Director, and Corinne Sklar, Vice President of Marketing, for, an agile business transformation company in New York City about this topic. They provide…

Five tips for using PowerPoint 2010 for online training

By Katherine Murray | February 25, 2011, 11:30 AM PSTPowerPoint 2010 includes a great new broadcast feature that enables you to host virtual training sessions live on the Web, based on a PowerPoint presentation you create. The broadcasting is just part of the picture for successful training, though. This article introduces some ideas to help you engage your participants and improve your training over time.1: Plan for engagementThink back to the best training session you've ever attended. What were the key elements? Chances are, the content was covered in bite-size chunks; there were plenty of illustrations to add color and visual interest; and the trainer kept you awake by asking questions, telling stories, and making the training relevant to your work or life. When you're offering online training, you don't have the benefit of seeing whether your participants are actually paying attention. Sure, if you're having a conference call you can hear who "seems" to …