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Solusi alternatif dari Tripwire dengan menggunakan CIMTRAK

Tripwire Alternative | CimTrakLooking for an alternative to Tripwire?  Look no further than CimTrak. CimTrak is an industry  leader in integrity and compliance monitoring.  While it covers all of the same systems, devices and applications within your IT environment, CimTrak goes even further.  CimTrak offers more security features, is easier to configure and use, and costs less.  CimTrak is your Tripwire alternative!

So exactly how does CimTrak compare with Tripwire?  Take a look:

Complete coverage for your IT environmentCimTrak is an alternative to Tripwire for monitoring a wide variety of systems, devices, and applications.  CimTrak supports all major operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, and UNIX.  In fact, CimTrak supports seven Windows versions and seven Linux versions, which is more than Tripwire.  CimTrak even monitors Mac OS X, which Tripwire does not offer coverage for.   Further, CimTrak can monitor network device configurations from all major manufacturers …

Environment Monitoring dengan AKCP SecurityProbe 5E Standard

Introducing the new securityProbe 5E Standard As a valued AKCess Pro customer we are pleased to announce the launch of the securityProbe 5E Standard. As an addition to the securityProbe family, the new securityProbe 5E Standard includes all the great features and functionality of the existing SEC5E but without the video. It has an MSRP of $995.00
Monitor the physical environment and receive alerts of any disturbances, such as security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages and power outages. Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors the securityProbe Standard provides a low cost environmental, power and security monitoring solution.
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Tool-leading processes vs. process-leading tools

By Abhinav Kaiser | October 17, 2011, 4:10 AM PDTWhich came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has haunted ancient philosophers for centuries, and as of now, there is no concrete solution.When it comes to dealing with processes and tools, a similar quandary exists. Processes and tools go hand in hand, so the question again is which one comes first?Interlocking of processes and toolsFirst, let me lay out the items that I'll deal with in the course of this piece.A process is defined as a set of coordinated activities performed to obtain a targeted output. For example, to clean a car, the first step is to rinse it, wipe the body, and finally dry it. So, these three coordinated activities are basically achieving a single goal — a clean car.A tool is an instrument that is developed to carry out a particular function — like a drill for drilling a hole. In the clean car example above, I could use a tool like a water pump to help me rinse the car with a flick of a button.But wha…

The benefits of a successful strategic BI implementation

By Robert Eugene Miller | October 13, 2011, 6:00 AM PDTIn my first blog on business intelligence, "Business Intelligence: A Strategy-based Initiative," I stipulated that every company needs a clear set of goals and objectives to achieve maximum benefits for its business intelligence (BI) strategy.In the follow-up piece, "Successful BI Deployments Have These Elements," I related the critical elements necessary for successful BI deployment.In this blog, I intend to identify and discuss the overarching benefits derived from successful Strategic BI implementation.Larry Ellison of Oracle has said of Strategic Business Intelligence that the best run businesses run better with business intelligence. Without BI, a company runs the risk of making critical decisions based on insufficient or inaccurate information. Making decisions based on "gut feel" will not get the job done!BI, when well-conceived and properly implemented, allows all users to make informed choice…