Mobile Business Intellegence - Intelegensi Bisnis diakses Mobile

Who benefits most from mobile BI?

For executives, who often spend time out of the office on handheld devices, iPads and so forth, mobile business intelligence provides a finger on the pulse of the business. It's also a natural fit for sales, the most "nomadic" members of a business. "The advantage to them is to see the immediacy of relevant information before they have a customer or prospect encounter -- that's really powerful stuff," Dresner said. "And then it's going to filter out from there, because anyone that uses BI has the need for mobile BI."

The executive level is where Kroll first focused its mobile business intelligence strategy, and the company has branched out since. Through mobile BI apps, its executive team can access a snapshot of what's going on in the business environment at any given time, Steffen said.

"That sounds like a lot of information -- and it is a lot of information -- but we actually do a lot of our trending and forecasting on some of the information we get out of our BI applications," Steffen said. For example, the accounting department can tell nearly to the penny how much money the company is expected to make at any given time based on the trending of mortgage applications, credit reports and other products, he said.

"Get [a mobile BI strategy] started today," Dresner said. "There are some really significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency, in terms of competitive differentiation, in terms of alignment with a strategy, that you want to afford the organization right now. You don't want to wait."

Kami baru saja selesai mengimplementasikan solusi business intellegence untuk perusahaan asuransi. Dengan menggunakan solusi kami, mereka mengakses kekayaan informasi dari datawarehouse yang mereka miliki untuk mengambil keputusan penting mereka.

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