7 tanda Anda butuh BI

7 signs you need self-service reports

If you're an IT leader, you encounter topics like security, SaaS, and Big Data are at every turn. Managing your exploding data and supporting myriad mobile devices is second hand.

But there's another growing pressure you're likely facing: the need to provide more analytics. With so much data pouring in, everyone from top execs to individual analysts is looking for ways to get more insight from data to help the organization excel.

How do you deliver analytics to everyone when you face tight budgets, no bandwidth, and the need for immediate answers? Implement self-service business intelligence.

If any of these 7 scenarios feels familiar, you're ready for self-service BI:

1. Execs are demanding analytics 2. Endless queue of report requests 3. Reports lead to more reports 4. Frustration that data is old 5. Demand for mashed-up data 6. Desire for visual analysis 7. It's already happening

Read this whitepaper for a complete look at this list and – most importantly – what's in it for IT.