Bagaimana Globodox membantu perusahaan konsultan meningkatkan waktu produktifitasnya?

Globodox Helps Engineering Consultancy Firm Optimize Productive Time

The Challenge

In any kind of infrastructure development - whether it be construction, telecom, transport etc. - engineering consultancy firms play a major role. But how well their clients manage their projects greatly depends on how well the consultancy manages its own business. Syrconsult, an Abu Dhabi based consultancy firm faced the challenge of managing their office and client-related documents more efficiently.

Engineering documents are typically bulky as well as detailed, where image clarity matters a great deal - right down to the inch. Here's a brief list of the kinds of documents created and managed by Syrconsult:
  1. Design drawings
  2. Detailed architectural and civil engineering drawings
  3. Specifications for items of work
  4. Reports of different kinds
  5. Various bills
  6. Internal office records
  7. Legal documentation
Syrconsult's goals were to find documents faster, save storage space as well as back up paper-based documents digitally.

As business expanded, Syrconsult employees found themselves working with a wide variety of documents, many of which needed to be classified in multiple ways. This, they felt, would help them find the documents speedily as well as track them in a more efficient way. Syrconsult also realized that physical documents storage was taking up increasingly more space. They felt a need for backing up their document repository so that in case of a disaster event, even if they lost their physical documents, they could recover the scanned copies and resume operations quickly. But this could not be achieved using an only paper based approach neither by using the simple file management features their computers offered. They realized that what they needed was an enterprise document management system.
Searching for a solution
Pretty soon they found themselves using a document management solution. But as they were not satisfied with that particular software's ability to manage heavy volumes of documents with speed, Syrconsult began looking for an alternative.
Just what they needed

Learning what was lacking in the solution they first tried out, helped Syrconsult look for a perfect fit. And that perfect fit was Globodox.

They began evaluating Globodox enterprise document management software. With any advanced software such as Globodox not only is ease of use important but also the quality of technical support offered. The support team must be able to understand the customer’s requirements, explain the features in simple terms and provide all assistance required whenever a problem is encountered by the customer. Moutaz Rasem of Syrconsult said that the Globodox Sales team answered their preliminary queries to their satisfaction and replied in non-technical, layman's language. They followed up later during the evaluation period to help out Syrconsult in case they needed any assistance. This was a key factor in Syrconsult choosing Globodox as their document management system.

The range of features offered by Globodox - at such an economical price - was one of the main reasons Syrconsult chose Globodox.


The Outcome

Implementing Globodox meant that Syrconsult were able to meet their four major document management requirements...
Classify documents in multiple ways: Using Globodox Syrconsult can not only organize documents into folders but when such organization is not enough, they can use tags to further classify documents. So a document can be in a client folder and at the same time be tagged as an invoice or a drawing. For further classification the document types and stack types feature in Globodox can also be used.
Organize documents so that they become easy to find: One of the primary goals of a DMS implementation is employees should be able to find documents faster. Organizations such as Syrconsult have a clear idea of how to make their documents easy to find for their employees. So the software tool they choose must not get in the way of how they wish to organize their documents. Globodox’s ability to import entire folder trees helps the employees save time. When employees switch to the new software, they know exactly under which folder or sub-folder they can find the document they are looking for. Syrconsult found that Globodox lets them import the entire folder structure without having to re-group documents.
Back up paper-based documents for safety: Syrconsult knew that relying on paper-based documents alone is never a good approach. In the event of a disaster situation, if you lose your paper-based documents, you would not be able to make good the loss. Globodox’s built-in scanning tools with features such as re-usable scan profiles really simplify digitization of paper documents. Digitizing documents and storing them using Globodox, coupled with regular backups, will ensure permanency of Syrconsult’s documents.
Save storage space: Syrconsult knew that their fast growing document archive was in paper form and that meant it would keep taking up increasingly more space. This space could be utilized for more productive tasks. Having digital copies of documents stored reliably in Globodox meant paper archives could be moved to another location whenever required.

Moutaz believes that Globodox is more powerful than the earlier solution they had tried out. Syrconsult found Globodox to be a more complete solution. The range of features offered by Globodox - at such an economical price - was one of the main reasons they chose Globodox, revealed Moutaz. Globodox allowed them to improve their productivity without compromising on service quality. Needless to say, now Syrconsult no longer have to worry about backing up bulky, paper based documents. They're captured and secure in Globodox.

No matter what your industry or domain…your firm too can manage documents in a simple yet professional and powerful way. All you need is Globodox enterprise document management software.

About Globodox

Globodox is a Windows based document management software suite designed for the medium to large business. It features an integrated set of tools for scanning, indexing, searching, securing, sharing, auditing and workflow. Using Globodox you can quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Add documents by dragging and dropping existing files and scanning paper documents. Globodox works with any TWAIN compatible scanner. Save scanned documents as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG files. Re-arrange and add pages to PDF or TIFF files at any time. Globodox features a modern MS Outlook style user interface that you are already familiar with.

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