Why your employees will love working with a document management system

Although organizations these days are keen to adopt electronic document management, they may have concerns about various issues. One concern commonly expressed is that it will be “difficult to get a buy-in” from the end-users – the employees. Maybe you too share this concern. Let’s see if we can get that worry out of your way so you can reap the benefits of electronic document management.
Why your employees will thank you for implementing document management
Your employees will be happy to work with document management software if you can do this for them…
  1. Helps them find documents faster: Scanning and indexing documents makes them easily searchable and workable. Document management software lets you organize files in several ways; e.g. group them into folders, segregate them by document types, assign tags (keywords/labels) to them, link them to a project stack etc. You can create custom indexing fields to help you find files faster. Text extraction using OCR lets your staff find documents using full-text search. Quick, Advanced and Saved search features let them find documents in a snap.
  2. Streamline routine tasks: A Gartner study found that the average document is copied 9 times. Few employees would like doing frequent rounds of the printer and copier, or creating, storing and manually tracking multiple versions of documents, or trying to make sense of the multiple copies of email attachments saved by forwarding mail. Enterprise document management software like Globodox helps you scan documents and automatically index newly added files in the background, import and manage email messages and attachments just like other documents (making them easy to find), collaborate securely, automatically route documents for review, approval etc.
  3. Improves employee performance: When work is simplified, employees will perform better. Let’s take a simple example of when a customer calls up your office and a rep has to look for information… If you have a document management system in place, the rep can locate and communicate the information faster, resulting in a satisfied customer. Your staff will also be able to accomplish more work in a business day. If they are working on a project, they could complete it ahead of time. As they perform better on the job, they will qualify to earn higher incentives or performance linked bonus etc. They will want to stay longer with the organization.
  4. User-friendly system: If you choose Globodox as your document management software, your employees won’t take days getting used to the application’s interface. That’s because it has the familiar MS Outlook interface. This means they could get productive and start reaping the benefits of the new system from day one.
See how you can make your employees’ life simpler, save their time and effort and help them achieve their goals? It’s obvious that they would love to work with a system that takes the pressure off them. Globodox is an enterprise solution that helps you help your employees. It relieves them from having to perform mundane document handling tasks and instead focus on the more brainy work. To get a buy-in from them, all you need to do is explain these benefits, as discussed above.
Now that we’ve addressed your concern about adopting electronic document management, it’s time to try Globodox firsthand.