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jetNEXUS ALB-X Competitive Matrix
How does the ALB-X stand up to competition?

When compared with other load balancing solutions currently in the market, it is clear to see that the jetNEXUS ALB X is a high value appliance, delivering true Enterprise Features at an incredibly affordable price. 

The jetNEXUS ALB X increases web application performance whilst reducing expensive data centre costs, providing scalability without server sprawl. 
FeaturesjetNEXUS ALB-XBarracuda 440Cisco CSS11501S-CKemp LM-2600F5 1600 LTM
LAN Ports: 10/100/1000 NICS4/82144
Max Throughput 

- Without Acceleration

- With Acceleration
12 Gbps 

10 Gbps

Info Not Available
6 Gbps (aggregate) 

500 Mbps
1.7 Gbps 

Info Not Available
1 Gbps 

50 Mbps +
Layer 7 Web Load Balancing
Advanced Server Monitoring
Advanced Reporting/Logging
Real Server Support per Cluster10245010241000TBA
SSL Acceleration
(3000 tps)

(200 tps)

(1400 tps)

(2000 tps)

(500 tps +)
Web Acceleration

- TCP Offload 

- HTTP Multiplexing

- HTTP Buffering





Web Compression 

- Advanced Tuning 



Web Content Caching

Rule base 


High Availability + Load Sharing N+M
Application Traffic Management
(flightPATH GUI Rules)
Application Security Management:
(flightPATH GUI Rules)
Virtual Appliance Support 

- VMware ESX

- VMware Workstation

- Citrix XenServer

- Microsoft Hyper-V

*with restrictions