DrayTek Vigor2830 Series Delivers the IPv6 ready for ADSL2/2+ Business Network

DrayTek Vigor2830 Series Delivers the IPv6 ready for ADSL2/2+ Business Network

DrayTek Vigor2830 Series Delivers the IPv6 ready for ADSL2/2+ Business Network

HSINCHU, Taiwan DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today announces to make the Vigor2830 Series, dual WAN ADSL2/2+ firewall for SOHO/Small Business segment be IPv6 Ready by the firmware upgrade (Version 3.6.3). DrayTek still offers the free-of-charge firmware upgrade for existed users, just downloading via DrayTek website. For customers considering to purchasing a business-grade router for the ADSL2/2+ network, the Vigor2830 Series would be the perfect choice for the investment protection. DrayTek implements IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack and multiple tunnel services support. These features allow your business network to handle the migration stage and meet different ISPs’ IPv6 tunnel service types. Moreover, the Vigor2830 Series with advanced firewall and QoS features optimizes the benefits including business continuity, customer reach maintenance and investments protection while migrating to IPv6 network.

Note:The Version 3.6.3 will be first available in single band models including the Vigor2830Vigor2830n and Vigor2830Vn.

Highlights of Version 3.6.3 updates
In addition to IPv6 features, Vigor2830 Series supports different ISP requests for the triple-play deployment. Some ISPs need CPE to only use single ADSL PVC to handle multiple services (e.g. Internet access/Video/Voice/Management). The Vigor2830 Series implements PVC-to-PVC binding technique for the triple-play realization.
In the Quality of Service (QoS) section, Vigor2830 Series allows the network administrator to let VoIP packets be the first priority by just checking the box. Another is QoS retag which helps another router, normally in ISP site to process applications based on the suitable priority. This feature expands QoS coverage from LAN site to WAN site. Administrator can re-tag applications sending out to ISP and define their priority (tag type based on ISP’s provided information) and then the most essential application (e.g. VoIP) will be processed first. Meanwhile, DrayTek adds “VoIP Wizard” to the V model of Vigor2830 Series. The VoIP Wizard helps the settings of VoIP Service Provider selection and Phone account configurations be completed in seconds. Users can get the cost-effective voice communication faster and easier.  

Vigor2830 Series offers the easiest way the bandwidth allocation for every PC by the Smart Bandwidth Limit feature along with this update. With this feature, the administrator only needs to set bandwidth reservation for PCs operated essential tasks. Other PCs for general usage all follow TX and RX limitation by Smart Bandwidth Limit. Vigor2830 Series automatically lowers TX and RX bandwidth as the “punishment” when some of these PCs exceed the limitation.

The security management is another key to adopt Vigor2830 Series. With Version 3.6.3, administrator can use 802.1x certificate / authentication for both wired and wireless Internet access. The authentication can be done by the external Radius server, which you are already in use to save administrator time.

For the management convenience, Version 3.6.3 integrates with SMS/Mail Services and Notification function to Object Settings. The administrator can select SMS service providers located in the local area for sending out message and implement the mail server information for mailing via “SMS/Mail Service Object”. The “Notification Object” includes “WAN Disconnected” & ‘WAN Reconnected” for the administrator’ choices. The latest SNMPv3 is also supported by this update and can be configured through System Maintenance section. The SNMPv3 is more secure than SNMPv2 through the encryption method (support AES and DES) and authentication method (support MD5 and SHA) for the management needs. For the Dynamic DNS service (DDNS), the Vigor2830 Series now allows the administrators to add new DDNS support by themselves. In the configuration page, they just choose “Service Provider” as “Customized” and write DDNS update pattern for adding new local DDNS service provider.

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