AKCP in action..

AKCP in Action!

We all know that AKCP solutions have a vast array of applications. This practical application comes to us not from a data center, but from a secluded monastery in the forests of Thailand.
“Some people may feel technology is out of place in a forest monastery, for monks practicing the way of the Buddha. But there's a time and place for everything…” said a representative of Wat Marp Jan outside of Rayong, Thailand.
The monastery has experienced an increased volume of visitors from lay practitioners wanting to stay at the Wat for retreats.  Wanting to keep safety in mind the Abbot decided that a security system that would allow people to call for help from remote meditation locations in the forest was needed. They currently have over 70 individual dwellings distributed across over 500 acres of forest.  Wat Marp Jan will get hundreds of visitors on the weekends and on special holidays that number reaches into the thousands.
“With the increasing activity, we feel we have an obligation not only to our monastic community, but also to our lay supporters to provide a system, using today's available technology, in a way that will be beneficial to everyone involved for the purpose of physical safety, prevention of theft, and mitigating accidents.”  
Monitoring dozens of remote locations over hundreds of acres of dense forest is no easy task.  To develop a solution, Wat Marp Jan called on AKCP for help.  Utilizing our sensoProbe series base units, sensor relays, sensors and sirens, AKCP designed a solution that provided the monks and their visitors the safety they were looking for.
“By deploying an AKCP alert system to be conveniently accessible in the proximity of all our community structures, we hope to establish a greater sense of comfort and security in the belief that monks and laypeople can gather harmoniously and practice the path of practice with less to worry about.”