Windows 8 is ready for enterprise..

Windows 8 is ready for the enterprise

Find out why the newest version of the Windows client operating system delivers improvements to address today’s IT issues while paving the way for the next decade of business technology.

Editor's Note: What Windows 8 means for IT

This is not your typical desktop refresh. Beyond the new user experience, Windows 8 offers opportunities to prepare your client infrastructure for larger changes around virtualization and cloud computing.

Try Windows 8

Download the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

Download a free 90-day evaluation of Windows 8 Enterprise to explore the newest features firsthand and start testing your apps, hardware, and deployment strategies.

Increase Your Windows 8 IQ

Register for the New Windows 8 IT Camps

In the new Windows 8 IT Camps you will get technical, hands-on experience with Windows 8 in the enterprise. You will explore new features while you dive into key scenarios around management, deployment, security, desktop virtualization, application development, sideloading, desktop recovery and mobility. All at no cost and delivered by Microsoft experts.

Windows 8 Jump Start

Can’t attend a live Windows 8 IT Camp? Take advantage of free, online, fast-paced training courses designed specifically for experienced IT professionals with jobs that demand that they know how to best leverage the emerging features and technologies in Windows 8. Learn valuable tips and tricks, get familiar with the Windows App Store (including how to implement security measures to sideloading apps), find out how to enable user-driven device scenarios with Windows To Go, and much more.

Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals (free ebook)

You might be tempted to think that Windows 8 simply is a consumer release, and there are certainly a lot of great new features that consumers are going to love, but Windows 8 has a lot for businesses and IT pros, too. Download this free ebook to get guidance that will help you prepare to deploy Windows 8, deliver apps, and manage recovery, security, and virtualization.

Windows 8 Technical Demonstrations

Short on time, but want to know more about key features in Windows 8 for IT professionals? Check out these brief, but informative technical demonstrations:

Windows 8: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about managing end user access to, and usage of, the Windows Store within your organization. Also see Frequently Asked Questions: Managing the Windows Store .

Windows To Go Technical Overview

Learn how Windows To Go can help you provide users with bootable USB storage devices containing a copy of Windows 8, along with their business apps, data, and settings.

Plan for Windows 8 in Your Organization

Free Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Tools

Take advantage of free Microsoft tools to help you assess the readiness of your hardware, test for application compatibility, migrate user data and settings, and implement security settings for desktops, laptops, and other devices.

Demo: Windows 8 Deployment

Take a 30-minute deep dive into the world of Windows 8 deployment. Explore migration from earlier versions of the Windows OS (including Windows XP), lite touch installation with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), and simplified deployment with tools like Windows PE and the User State Migration Tool (USMT). You’ll also learn how to install and manage Windows Store applications.

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Get Ready for Windows 8

Windows 8 is ready for business - delivering the power and familiarity you want, along with new ways for people to interact with line of business apps, and support for more mobile devices. Windows 8 improves on Windows 7 fundamentals like speed, reliability and security and Windows 8 works seamlessly with an existing Windows management infrastructure.

Device Support for a Flexible Workforce

The "consumerization of IT" challenges IT people to rethink systems management, shifting from a device-centric to user-centric approach.