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Selamat kepada Blackberry Service Center yang memilih finosSQM

Selamat kepada Blackberry Service Center yang memilih solusi sistem antrian multimedia menggunakan finosSQM.

Kami bangga melayani Anda.

Draytek mendukung tren BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) dengan VigorAP 800

DrayTek Enhances Wi-Fi Networks for Today’s BYOD Trend by the VigorAP 800 HSINCHU, Taiwan DrayTek Corp. (TSE:6216), a Taiwan-based networking solutions provider, today proudly introduces the VigorAP 800, a standalone 802.11n wireless access point to meet today’s business need. Many business professionals now use their own laptops/tablets and/or other mobile handsets for both personal and work purposes due to the recent Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Plus, carriers gradually stop offering unlimited 3G or 4G data plan; hence, employees require the sufficient Wi-Fi network to allow their mobile devices to stay connected. For this reason, the IT Dept of the organization would need the device to not only offer the wireless connectivity but also the robust security features for the policy enforcement. The DrayTek VigorAP 800 extends the wireless coverage and gives the advanced security control meet the demand of IT.
Highlights of VigorAP 800 The VigorAP 800 adds wireless conn…

Buat Report dari Database Anda

Building Custom Reports from your Database

If your data is stored in MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle or PostgreSQL database and you need a tool to help you build custom reports and turn data into useful information then Navicat Report Builder is the best choice for you.

With Navicat Report Builder data in your databases can be transformed into various reports such as Invoices, Sales Statistics, Order Reports, Point of Sales, Form Letters, Mailing Labels, etc.

Navicat Report Builder

Navicat Report Builder is included in the Navicat Windows Enterprise Edition and helps to deliver data in your MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle or PostgreSQL database in a presentable manner, turning it into valuable information. Various kinds of Reports can be built easily without any additional efforts. Schedulers can also be set to deliver Reports automatically. Bundled with Report Viewer, it allows multiple users to access your report anytime and at any location.

Existing data can be imp…