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5 Simple Steps to ISO Certification

5 Simple Steps to ISO Certification A fixed fee, tailored solution to ISO certification ISO certification could not be easier for your business. With IMSM’s fixed fee, flexible approach you know where you are financially from start to finish. Identify and understand your business requirement 1 What does success look like? “What does success look like?”   This question acts as a starting point. Once defined, we can ensure that our business solution delivers on your success criteria. We examine and outline your businesses key activities in relation to your clients’ quality requirements. We will then work towards agreed outcomes and delivery dates. 2 Produce your organisation’s quality manual  Assessor will examine your organisation’s existing procedures and identify conformances to the ISO standard. They will then put together your quality manual which indicates how you should operate going forward. 3 Facilitation of IMSM training to enhance adoption of the quality framework  Assessor deve…

Apakah ISO 20000: 2005 IT itu?

ISO 20000: 2005 Information Technology ISO 20000 will optimise your IT infrastructure and reduce risk ISO 20000 will ensure you stay ahead in today’s online world. Your business needs to meet with the increasing client and business demands for consistent, quality and cost effective IT services. ISO 20000 will bring your business benefits, including: Reduce risk, cut costs and generate higher profitImproved efficiency, reliability and consistency of IT servicesMore focused and consistent documentation processesIncrease managerial control and responsibilities, increasing ownershipMethods to measure and evaluate performance, processes and practices, providing more structured opportunities for continual improvementISO 20000 will help you set up transparent and optimised IT service management systemsISO 20000 will enhance and strengthen IT management and controlEnsure your company meets with the high demands of IT governance ISO 20000 will align your IT service management with an overall b…

Saatnya berpindah ke 802.11n

802.11n for Midmarket BYOD: Why now?
⁠ Sangita Patel
August 16, 2012 at 10:15 am PST
We're in the midst of an incredible megatrend. We know it and we're living it. We all love our mobile devices; whether it's our laptop (yes, I'm sitting at my kids swim class typing away for work), our mobile phone (I'm getting texts on what's for dinner), or our tablet (where Draw Something awaits me). Apple recently stated that they have sold more than 67 million iPads in the recent 18 months. That is more than all the Mac sales in the past 27 years. There's no denying it:  we are in the midst of an incredible megatrend—a mobile megatrend.But what does this mean to businesses?From the IT perspective, the role of the mobile devices has transformed from a luxury item used for personal communication and entertainment to an integral tool for employee productivity. Mobile devices are now the main platform for work (laptop or tablet) and the primary medium for corporate contact…

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Launches Project Management Beta

New Module Debuts at LEADit 2012 in Australia;
Unifies Service Desk and the Project Management Office New ServiceDesk Plus features: project milestones and tasks integration, task planning management, effort estimation, Gantt view, and cost calculations Meet ManageEngine at LEADit 2012 in booth #S5 LEADit 2012PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the beta version of its Project Management module for the company's ITIL-ready help desk software, ServiceDesk Plus. Available immediately, the Project Management beta module is designed for different teams and experts to collaborate in managing help desk projects of any size. With the ability to split a project into different milestones — and milestones into numerous tasks — ITSM team members can manage and track tasks from start to finish. e today's announcement at LEADit 2012, the 15th Annual National Conference of itSMF Australia, running August 20-22 at the Gold Coa…

IT service management and automation

IT Service Management AND Automation: Now That's A Double Whammy Of Business-Enabling Goodness By Stephen Mann Created 06/21/2012 - 05:03 Submitted by Stephen Mann[1] on Thu, 06/21/2012 - 05:03 Blog post bodyA recent Forrester report[2] helps IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders understand the business and IT impact of service management and automation (SMA). While both IT service management (ITSM) and automation can be used effectively in isolation, I&O organizations should be seeking to use them in tandem for an "amplified" business impact.The General Benefits Of Service Management And AutomationThe general benefits of SMA can be divided between the I&O organization and the business, though these benefits often overlap:While SMA is much more than the adoption of IT infrastructure library (ITIL), the ITSM best practice framework, thinking and processes — ITIL's benefits are quite reflective of the general benefits of broader SMA. In a survey of…

Lima Level Kepemimpinan

Lima level kepemimpinan1. Posisi / rights (hak) Orang mengikuti Anda karena mereka harus melakukan hal tersebut. Catatan: Pengaruh Anda tidak akan melampaui batasan-batasan deskripsi pekerjaan Anda. Semakin lama Anda bertahan di sini, semakin tinggi perputaran karyawan dan semakin rendah semangat juang.
2. Izin / Relationship (hubungan) Orang mengikuti Anda karena mereka ingin melakukan hal tersebut.  Catatan: orang akan mengikuti Anda hingga melampaui wewenang yang ditetapkan kepada Anda. Level ini akan memungkinkan pekerjaan menjadi sesuatu yang menyenangkan. Peringatan: bertahan terlalu lama di level ini tanpa peningkatan akan mengakibatkan orang-orang yang bermotivasi tinggi menjadi gelisah .
3. Produksi / Result (hasil) Orang mengikuti Anda karena yang telah Anda lakukan untuk organisasi tersebut. Catatan: ini adalah tempa kesuksesan dirasakan oleh sebagian besar orang. Mereka menyukai Anda dan apa yang tengah Anda lakukan. Berbagai permasalahan terselesaikan dengan upaya yang sangat se…