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Efisiensi Energi untuk Data Center Pemerintah

Memperhatikan banyaknya pengembangan dan pembangunan data center belakangan ini, memang hal tersebut mengembirakan, karena semakin banyak unit PAC, Raised Floor, Cable Tray, UPS, Rak, Fire System, EMS dan Server terjual dan terpasang. Tapi di lain pihak, juga tingginya kebutuhan energi (baca: listrik) untuk mendukung semua ini berjalan.

Penghematan dalam pengembangan dan pembangunan data center akan menjadi fokus utama kami di tahun depan.
Hal ini yang akan menarik apabila kita bicara efisiensi di lingkungan data center: penggunaan Green IT dengan mengurangi keseluruhan energi, khususnya di lingkungan data center untuk instansi pemerintah.mengurangi biaya investasi, perawatan hardware data center, software dan operasionalmengurangi postur IT security, khususnya instansi pemerintahmerubah biaya investasi perangkat hardware menjadi perangkat atau solusi yang lebih efisien. Tahap pertama yang dapat dilakukan terkait dengan aset IT. Paling mudah bagi pemerintah untuk menambah dan membeli …

Zoho WebNMS meluncurkan sistem monitoring ATM site

Zoho’s WebNMS launches M2M ATM site managerBy S ShyamalaNov 28 2012 Tags: Companies WebNMS, a division of Zoho, launched the ATM Site Manager solution based on the machine-2-machine technology (M2M), on Wednesday. Using the automated hardware and software combination, ATM operators would be able to bring down revenue loss and also improve profitability.

M2M refers to technologies in which machines would be connected through the internet and would actively communicate with each other, transmitting vital data to a central location. In an ATM set up, WebNMS’ remote terminal unit (a box roughly the size of a brick) captures 12 data points including temperature, humidity, door opening/closing, lighting control and energy consumption by connecting to various sensors. The captured data is sent to a central server on a real-time basis for timely action.

“ATMs are generally maintained by private operators who own about thousands of sites across the country. Most of them do not have control over …

Monitoring aktifitas akun dalam sistem adalah faktor penting dlm DCIM

Monitoring Privileged Activities, a Crucial Aspect of Data Center Infrastructure ManagementNovember 22, 2012 | By   | In GeneralmanageenginePassword Manager Pro Data centers represent the nerve center of IT enterprises. With the presence of a complex mix of databases, network devices, applications and physical and virtual systems, the modern day data center present a unique challenge for IT operations. With cyber-crime looming large, data center operations are required to not only be robust and efficient, but also highly secure to ensure business continuity and data integrity. Though  the IT infrastructure in data centers face both external and internal  security threats, of late, internal threats seem to be far more alarming  as many of the reported security incidents have been caused by  malicious insiders. Disgruntled staff, greedy techies, tech-savvy contractors and sacked employees could act with malicious intent and misuse privileged access. Incidentally, the privilege…