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4 Kunci untuk memonitoring layanan CLOUD Anda.

Introduction Organizations are becoming increasingly interested in leveraging cloud computing services to improve flexibility and scalability of the IT services delivered to end-users. However, organizations using cloud computing services face the following challenge: decreased visibility into the perfor­mance of services being delivered to their end-users. Many cloud providers offer dashboards for tracking availability of their services as well as alerting capabilities for identifying service outages in a timely manner, but these capabilities are not sufficient for end-users who need to have a full control of the performance of cloud services in use. More importantly, organizations cannot rely on monitoring capabilities offered by their cloud service providers, and they need to deploy third-party solutions that allow them to monitor the performance and levels of SLA achievements of cloud services.
Overview of Cloud Computing The term Cloud Computing stands for a type of service that allo…

Gunakan Password Manager Pro untuk manajemen password perusahaan Anda.

Triple Recognition for Password Manager Pro this year! World’s Mightiest Enterprises Repose Trust!December 21, 2012 | By   | In manageenginePassword Manager ProUncategorized The IT divisions of three of world’s largest organizations – software maker, retail chain and virtualization platform provider have deployed Password Manager Pro to manage their privileged passwords this year!

With 2012 fast drawing to a close, we just looked back and reflected on the year just gone by. What a fabulous year it has been! Password Manager Pro has continued its winning streak all along!
While we have kept our existing customers across the globe very happy, the product has won the business and goodwill of a great number of large enterprises as new customers. With the addition of new customers in 2012, we are thrilled to see Password Manager Pro in action with over 50,000 administrators and over 150,000 users logging in everyday to securely access and manage millions of passwords.
As in the pa…

Bagaimana perusahaan membatasi penggunaan Internet perusahaan?

How companies can implement Internet fair use policy for corporate users?December 6, 2012 | By   | In Firewall Analyzer Internet fair use policy or acceptable use policy defines the appropriate Internet usage behavior expected from employees in their workplace. The policy aims to protect the employees as well as the companies IT infrastructure from malicious threats, inappropriate content, and corporate bandwidth draining web applications, all of which ultimately affects the productivity and competitiveness of the company as a whole. To add tooth to the ‘written policy’ companies should have tools in place to enforce the policy in letter and in spirit. Companies use non-intrusive and real-time network security monitoring software’s likeManageEngine Firewall Analyzer to implement the Internet fair use policy in their corporate network. With ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, you can get detailed reports on your corporate user’s internet usage and you can verify whether it is as …

Masa depan Sales Technology

The Future of Sales Technology
Salespeople are always the early adopters. Here's where they (and you) are heading.

THE FUTURE OF SALES? It is now possible to scan the brains of people viewing sales presentations to see whether or not they’re being convinced.
For the past two decades, salespeople have been the early adopters of technology that's later permeated the rest of the business world. Salespeople, for example, were the first to embrace smartphones and CRM was the first viable "cloud-based" application.

Therefore, if you want to know how the general business public will be using computers in the future, you'd best understand the trends that are already taking place within forward-looking sales teams.

To this end, I've been working with sales research pioneer Howard Stevens on a book about the future of selling. We have just completed the chapter on sales technology which (along with other chapters) is available for free on the Chally website (HERE).