Mengamankan Rak dengan akses kontrol tersentral dari AKCP

AKCP takes security a step further with the server Cabinet Control Unit!

Our integrated Access Control system doesn’t stop at simply securing entry and exit points.  Now that you have your perimeter secured you can move on to securing your equipment and perhaps more important, your information. 
It’s very common for companies to have situations where they only want a limited group of high security clearance personnel to have access to their most sensitive information and servers. 
Access Control

AKCP’s Cabinet Control Unit allows for card reader access to be added to your server cabinets.
For large buildings and data centers it's possible to daisy chain the cabinet controllers which grants access control for up to hundreds of server cabinets and doors.
Used in conjunction with AKCP’s Door Control Unit (DCU), the Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) seamlessly integrates using plug and play technology via RJ45, making expanding security to your cabinets easier than ever. Use the DCU to record and monitor all access to your server cabinets.
Our card access reader supplies detailed reports on who accesses your cabinets and when.
Cabinet Controller

Customize your security settings!

  • Access Control EquipmentArrange access by site, floors, rooms, or cabinets.
  • Restrict access for certain times, days, users or security levels.
  • Set up adjustable user groups with virtually any customizable preference your company, group, or organization may need. 
  • AKCess Pro Server Management Software provides you with User / Groups Management, User Access Schedules, Advanced Analytics, Notifications, Real time video, Time-Stamped Video playback and much more...
AKCess Pro Server enables a suite of notifications tailored specifically to Access Control. When you need to restrict access or block employees from sensitive information or rooms this becomes an especially important feature set.
When many engineers require access to servers or other business critical equipment it can be difficult to keep track of many personnel. By ensuring your data room or remote site is both secure and has proactive security measures in place is an essential part of any Access Control system.
One example of AKCess Pro Server's notification suite is the Siren Strobe Notification.
In this example, if a Server Room Door has been 'Forced Open' by malicious activity. A Siren Strobe Alarm is automatically cycled. Other options include generating an email with details of the location, time, date plus a picture image of the event in question.
Siren Notification
Additional settings can be enabled and disabled remotely to restrict access to a single user after a specific date. This is particularly useful in maintenance situations or for guest user scenarios.

As a complete integrated solution provider, AKCess Pro give complete one stop shopping for a data room or remote telecoms access control and data monitoring solution. AKCess Pro are introducing a world first... Never before have you been able to tell who has entered your computer data room, when they exited and visualize all of this with integrated video playback and recording.
Unique Packages from AKCess Pro
Cabinet Control Unit
Includes :
1Cabinet Control Unit
1EM Card Reader
1EM Cabinet Lock
Requires the Door Control Unit


Size : 13.20 cm x 5.38 cm x 3.40 cm Weight : 0.15 Kg
Expansion Ports
AKCess Pro RJ45 Extension Port
  • Rack mount brackets included
  • Compatible with AKCess Pro’s DIN and rack mount trays
Power Requirements
Voltage 12 VDC, 1Amp
Status Indication
LED indication for Power
LED for Network Connectivity
Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.
2x RJ-45 ports for connecting AKCess Pro sensors
1x Wiegand Reader
1x Door Lock Control.
Operating Environment
Temperature : Min. -35°C Max.80°C
Humidity : Min. 20% - Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

400,000 Hours

Power Consumption
Typical 6 Watt
Supported Lock Rating
The CCU can control a 12V Door Lock with a maximum current draw no greater than 500mA.

Maximum Daisy-Chain String
The maximum number of CCU that may be connected per chain is 25.