Nagios Mobile, salah satu solusi baru Nagios.

Nagios Mobile



Nagios Mobile provides a flexible mobile interface for Nagios that works on iPhones, Android phones, and all other portable devices.
Nagios Mobile works with both Nagios XI and Nagios Coreand allows you to quickly get real-time status information on your monitoring infrastructure.
Nagios Mobile allows you to schedule downtime and acknowledge problems directly from your smartphone, iPad, or portable device.
And unlike smartphone-specific apps, Nagios Mobile will work on any device that supports a web browser.


Nagios Mobile offers the following benefits:
  • Real-time Status Information: Provides access to the status of your infrastructure from anywhere
  • Problem Remediation: Enables problem investigation and resolution from remote locations
  • Compatability: Works with both Nagios XI and Nagios Core
  • Flexibility: Works with all smartphones (including iPhones and Android phones) and mobile devices

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