AD360, solusi terpadu manajemen Active Directory

AD360 Overview

AD360 is an integrated solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs in Windows environment. This web-based software portfolio unifies all the functionalities needed for an enterprise: from user provisioning, self-service to risk governance and offers it with a simple, easy to use interface. AD360 is the right solution for bridging the gap between technology and the complex business needs.
AD360 automates all the routine Identity and Access Management tasks like provisioning/de-provisioning bulk user accounts and other AD objects, secure management of account passwords, modifying multiple attributes of user accounts, managing user mailboxes and their email traffic.

With AD360, you can

Streamline IAM operations
Most of the crucial AD tasks are repetitive and automating them can save huge efforts. Automating tasks such as user account provisioning / de-provisioning with a workflow can ensure that crucial data does not land into wrong hands.
Ensure IT compliance and Security
Auditing crucial changes made to AD objects can help in determining if the changes made are in conformance with the IT law. AD360 fetches all the required audit data from the Exchange servers, File servers and Active Directory and helps in meeting the IT regulatory compliance such as HIPAA or SOX (Sarbanes Oxley).
Automate AD operations
Automate AD tasks like creating users, deleting inactive users and enabling/disabling users. Schedule the 'Automation policy' to automate any task and perform any follow- up task. Defining User modification templates can make bulk user operation amazingly quick.
Control workflow automation
A customizable review-approve framework will help in keeping control over automation for crucial tasks.
Ensure a secure self-service
Ensuring self-service for password reset and account unlock in the Winlogon (CTRL+Alt+DEL) screen can dramatically reduce the help desk tickets and keep the productivity of the employees up.
Monitor the Exchange Traffic
Monitor complete Exchange traffic data like OWA usage, email traffic, mailbox size and permissions and export reports to any of the formats like xls, csv, html and pdf.


AD360 is a palette of solutions that solves all the Identity and Access Management needs that arise in an organization using Windows. Based on our industry experience, we have loaded this software portfolio with necessary features that address various section of IAM, including Active Directory Organization Management, Password & IT Self-Service, Active Directory Auditing & IT Compliance, and Exchange Reporting and Auditing. Let's take a closer look at these features:

Active Directory Organization Management:

Most of the crucial AD tasks are mundane and repetitive. Automating and delegating these tasks can save huge time and effort on your side, and will bring great value to your organization by reducing IT management cost.
  • 'One Stop Shop' for User Provisioning and De-Provisioning
  • Take control with AD Workflow
  • Reduce the gap between AD & business processes
  • Break free from mundanity with AD Automation
  • More

    AD Auditing & IT Compliance:

    AD360 takes care of all your AD Change Auditing and IT Compliance requirements by ensuring that critical resources in your network are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on Users, Groups, Computer, GPO and OU changes with 150+ detailed event specific reports and instant e-mail alerts.
  • Keep track of critical information
  • Ensure IT compliance
  • Automatic archiving
  • Easy to grasp reports
  • More

    Password & IT Self-Service:

    Researches show that up to 30% of helpdesk calls are related to password reset and account unlock requests. By equipping end users with password & IT self-service capabilities of AD360, you can drastically bring down the number of helpdesk tickets and improve employee productivity.
  • Self-Service password reset/account unlock
  • SMS/E-mail based two-factor authentication for ID verification
  • Send automatic password/account expiry notification
  • Employee AD Self-Update and Search
  • Password Synchronizer
  • More

    Exchange Reporting & Auditing:

    AD360 provides all the necessary information that you would need to optimize an organization's Exchange infrastructure. The comprehensive list of reports presents all the vital information of your Exchange environment in a graphical display that is easy to grasp and take actions.
  • Keep track of Mailbox Size, Content, Traffic, etc.
  • Distribution Lists and Public Folders Report
  • OWA access report
  • Extract and export information using built-in filters
  • More