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Solar Sentry for the Hughes 9502
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Install a pole-mounted Hughes 9502 in no-power locations. These solutions provide high-grade solar panels
from 10 watt to 390 watts, a pole mounted enclosure, a high amp-hour battery and charge controller.
Hughes 9502 Solar SolutionSolar Sentry Features
10 to 390 watt Solar Panel (Oil-Gas rated)
All weather, lockable enclosure
High amp-hour all weather sealed battery(s)
Charge controller for solar panel & batteries
Room to add additional equipment inside enclosure
BGAN 9502 Features
Operates Globally - Coverage Map
Temperature rated -40°F to 167°F (-40° to 75° C).
9502 uses 3-4 watts of power for full time network
Provides speeds of up to 448 Kbps
Uses special BGAN M2M service designed for M2M
Powerful firewall protection, at no added cost
Stays Alive TCP-IP connection. Real-time monitoring

Worldwide Service Area
BGAN M2M Coverage Map
BGAN M2M service is available everywhere, except for the extreme polar regions. If an install location is within one of the three colored areas above, it can connect.
BGAN M2M Coverage Map

$674 - 20 Watt System (shown above and below)
Includes all aluminum enclosure, 20 watt solar panel, 1 deep-cycle closed-cell battery, charge controller,
two pole mounting brackets for solar panel & BGAN antenna.

$1580 - 130 Watt System
Includes all aluminum enclosure, 130 watt solar panel, 2 deep-cycle closed-cell batteries, charge controller,
two pole mounting brackets for solar panel & BGAN antenna

Hughes 9502 Solar Sentry Photos  
Solar Sentry Prewired Solar Sentry With Sensors
In this solution, the Hughes 9502 is secured inside the all aluminum enclosure, that includes a solar charge controller, a 54 amp hour battery that will keep the 9502 running for 5 days without sunlight for a full time network connection. Additional batteries may be added. Here the enclosure shows the installation of a sensor controller with 4 attached sensors, a DC battery voltage monitor, Air temperature, air humidity, and a DC power relay to turn on and off a light under the enclosure. More information on Controller & Sensors.
Sensor Monitor Main Screen Live View Of Solar Sentry
While any SCADA or M2M sensor package may be used, our solution uses the AKCP 4 sensor controller with several attached sensors. This web based interface lets you monitor, and set warning levels for many kinds of sensors. More information on the AKCP controller and sensors.
A Live Demonstration of the Solar Sentry Solution. The above screen is a screenshot from a live video feed used in the demonstration. Please call for more information.
Pole Mount With Concrete Non-Pen Mount for BGAN
In this installation, a 2" inch (outside diameter) galvanized pole was used with a 40 lbs bag of Quick-Crete. Most any size pole can be used with the solar sentry.
Ground Control offers Non-Penetrating mounting options for systems that are not perminant, or need to be moved from time to time.
M2M Sensors Solar Sentry Top Package
There are a wide variety of SCADA and M2M sensors that monitor everything from tempreture, to fuel level. You can also control remote equipment with AC or DC switchs that are activated manually, or triggered by any event, such as tempreture from another sensor. The 20 watt solar panel and the Hughes 9502 antenna use the same mounting brackets.
Hughes 9502 Antenna On Mounting Bracket Solar Panel 20 Watt
The Hughes 9502 antenna connect with a single, low-impendence cable with TNC connectors. Pointing the antenna only requires a set of headphones.
In this installation, the 20 watt solar panel from BP is premium grade construction, and is rated to operate with Oil-and-Gas standards. Up to 390 watt solutions are available.
Solar Sentry Enclosure Solar Sentry Lock
The all aluminum enclosure will withstand the elements.
 The lock on the side of the enclosure.
Enclosure Weather and Insect Protected Light Under Enclosure
Looking from the inside of the enclosure door, all vents are screen protected from insects. Also note the neoprene gasket that lines the front of the door for a tight weather seal.
On this installation, a light has been installed under the enclosure and can be activated by sensor limits (such as low temperature warnings), or motion detection, or manually over the Internet.