SCADA / M2M via satelite utk monitoring dan kontrol

SCADA / M2M Over Satellite - Remote Monitoring & Control

Remote Ethernet Ports - Extend Your WAN to Any Location
SCADA Using A Satellite Dish SCADA Using Portable BGAN Terminals
VSAT Satellite Solutions
Equipment Prices Start at $2,999 USD
 BGAN Terminal Solutions
Equipment Prices Start at $1,145 USD
 Fixed VSAT Satellite System for SCADA/M2M:
 Best for low-cost high-bandwidth monitoring
 Has Rain-Fade and snow issues
 Requires 90 to 150 watts for operation
 Indoor equipment not ideal for extreme weather
  BGAN Terminals for SCADA/M2M:
 Use far less power (.01 to 4 watts)
 BGAN systems can be used globally
 Service has higher cost for data transferred
 Ideal for low bandwidth SCADA or M2M Devices

Remote Monitoring & Control - Satellite Dishes & Fixed BGAN Terminals
Each satellite solution creates a standard TCP-IP high-speed Internet link to allow information to pass to and from SCADA or M2M devices to any IP address accessible on the Internet, or leased line network. A satellite dish (VSAT) may be cheaper to transmit large amounts of data, but VSAT dishes are bulky, use more power and IDU's (In Door Units) are not designed for outdoor enclosures or sever weather. BGAN terminals are extremely small, use far less power (4 watts for the Hughes 9502), and are designed for extreme weather. However, BGAN does have a higher cost of transmitting data, but if a SCADA or M2M application is transferring a small amount of data per month, BGAN Service or the new BGAN M2M Services are both far superior to VSAT dish systems. Also as of March of 2012, BGAN Linkservice is available for high usage data transferring that competes with VSAT services.

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Comparison of Satellite Systems for M2M or SCADA Use
 VSAT or BGAN SCADASatellite Dish
VSAT Service
Wideye Ranger Icon
Standard BGAN Service
Hughes 9502 Icon
Number of Polls per month in plan.(minimum billable unit)

BGAN May Be The Better Choice for SCADA or M2M Applications Because:
 A BGAN terminal operates globally on the same network / service plan for up to 450 kbps up/down speeds.
 A BGAN terminal uses very lower power. Less than 4 watts in normal mode. Excellent for solar solutions.
 A BGAN terminal easily survives in sever winds that would misalign a satellite dish.
 BGAN has almost no rain fade, and can take 25mm of ice before transmission issues.
 A BGAN antenna is low profile, which is helpful in reducing theft or vandalism.
 Many SCADA or M2M devices can dialed in to transmit under 1 kilobyte of data making the BGAN M2M
    service ideal, and the lowest cost of any Satellite M2M service available anywhere!
 High bandwidth applications (over 5 Gigabytes per month) may be perfect for BGAN Link service.
 All BGAN terminals can be installed by anyone, where VSAT dish installation requires a certified installer.
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 Photos BGAN Remote Monitoring Terminals 
 Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal Hughes 9502 installed on a telephone pole 
The Hughes 9502 is a 2-part solution consisting of gateway, and antenna. It uses the new BGAN M2M service and can operate in the most extreme conditions. The Hughes 9502 is new as of March of 2012 and redefines the remote communication industry.
The 9502 is normally installed inside of a small enclosure. The BGAN terminal uses less than one watt, so solar options are viable.
 Wideye Ranger BGAN Terminal Mounted Ranger BGAN Terminal 
The all weather Wideye Ranger is very compact which helps it avoid vandalism or theft. More on Wideye Ranger. This BGAN Terminal uses Standard BGAN Service Plans, and not the specialized M2M service.
Two U-bolts secure the Ranger Mounting/Pointing Bracket to a vertical pole (3.75" OD in photo). The Ranger's small size keeps it from moving off signal in sever winds. It is a perfect manned or unmanned remote communications point.
 Components of Wideye Ranger End Cable of Wideye Ranger 
Contents include the Wideye Ranger, AC/DC power adapter with European/UK/US standards, (direct DC power also available), an RG-45 Ethernet cable, an RJ-11 phone cable, the Multi-function cable, bracketing, pipe clamps, software and users manual. Note that this system does not have the Heater Cable option (shown below).
A close up of both ends of the Multi-Function cable. You may plug in any standard phone to the Phone Port or any Laptop directly to the Ethernet port. The other port is for power to the Ranger Electronics.
Hughes 9201 M2M Enclosure
 Hughes 9201 Unmanned Enclosure 
The Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA ready terminal is placed in an all weather enclosure. The enclosure may withstand up to 25mm of ice build-up before it becomes unable to transmit/receive. The 9201 uses the Standard BGAN Service Plans, or the High-BandwidthBGAN Link Service and not the BGAN M2M service.
The compact Hughes 9201 enclosure is perfect for monitoring remote OR local assets. We recommend using the Standard BGAN Service for between 20 to 100 Megabytes per month, orBGAN Link Service for High Bandwidth requirements.
 Hughes 9201 Remote Assets BGAN Hughes 9201 M2M Earthquake 
Here a Hughes 9201 M2M terminal is mounted without the enclosure next to a power source. The 9201 itself is rated for outdoor usage and the enclosure is not required for all jobs.
Using a single solar panel and pole mounted battery bank, this Hughes 9201 M2M Terminal is used to establish a persistent Internet connection to monitor earthquake detection equipment.
 SCADA / M2M Over Satellite Solution Hughes 9201 M2M SCADA Remote Terminal 
The above Hughes 9502 solar solution costs less than $3,000 USD, and works in no-power locations with a 20 watt solar panel. This global solution is ideal for low-bandwidth (2 to 10 MBs per monty) monitoring and control. Solar Sentry Solution.
The Solar / Battery bank pole mounted solution uses Guy Wires to help secure the system in sever winds. Hughes 9201 M2M