Perbandingan SMS Gateway OZEKI Android vs GSM Modem

Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway versus GSM modem
In order to send and receive SMS messages through corporate IT System, you need to connect the GSM service and the IP networks. For this purpose there is a need for a GSM modem or an SMPP SMS Gateway smartphone application. Get more information from the following comparison and discover their own advantages and disadvantages.
WiringNo wiring is needed (you need only a mobile phone charger occasionally). In addition, this application can connect to the Internet through WIFI.There is a need for an AC/DC Adaptor and you may need an RS232 Serial Cable
MobilitySince no wiring is needed, this application is portable.As GSM modem connects to the computer and the light socket with cables, this device is located.
Number of SIM cardsAn Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway license can be used for one mobile device (for one SIM card). However, you can use more smartphones (with more SIM cards and licenses) in order to make your SMS messaging solution more effective.A conventional GSM modem provides one voice channel (one SIM card), but there are multichannel versions.
DeliveryEasy to download from Google Play or Ozeki website then installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. After this, it is ready for use immediately.If you buy a modem from a webshop, after ordering delivery takes several days.
Device requirementsYou can download the application to an existing mobile phone. It is not necessary to buy and install a new physical device.You need to buy an additional hardware device.
IndicatorsYou can track the connection status on the mobile GUI.Several LEDs indicate the connection status (Power, Ready, WAN, GSM, etc.). The number of LEDs varies by devices.
Configuration wayEasy to configure the application through the mobile GUI.Easy to configure GSM modem through a PC or WEB GUI.
Communication wayMakes it possible to send and receive SMS messages as well.Allows you to send and receive SMS messages.

This article compared Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway and the conventional GSM modem. The table above highlights the main differences, so it reflects the core benefits of using your Android smartphone as an SMS Gateway.
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