Monitoring Cell Tower / BTS dengan WebNMS

WebNMS Cell Tower Monitoring Solution

WebNMS ventures into the fast growing communication sector with the most impressive cell tower passive infrastructure remote monitoring solution. The massive growth in the telecom industry with cellular tower sharing by multiple service providers offers a big challenge for advanced cell site monitoring software. WebNMS CTM makes the tough job easy by capturing and displaying the operating metrics of input power, generator, air conditioners, and surveillance in an easy–to–use client interface. WebNMS CTM ensures you get the most out of your passive infrastructure with continuous network uptime with reduced maintenance cost.
WebNMS Cell Tower Manager ensures:
  • Increased uptime with reduced outages
  • Saving in CapEx and OpEx
  • Instant Alerts through SMS or E–Mail
  • Security with region wise site access
  • Data logging for better performance visibility
  • Generates Energy Efficiency report

Solution Snapshot

Cell Tower Manager
WebNMS Cell Tower Manager provides complete remote monitoring solution for cell tower operators. It is designed to monitor cell site performance around the clock and provide real–time information to site managers. WebNMS Cell Tower Manager keeps continuous watch on the power input sources at the cellular site, which is the major concern at any cell tower. The application is configured to trigger alarms and send notification to warn of any malfunctioning of resources at the site. The easy–to–use client interface of the cell tower monitoring solution provides a clear picture of the inventory, location, performance, and alarm details of the cellular site. The customizable dashboard view of the client's home page provides options to view the desired monitoring metrics at first glance.

Product Features

Cell Tower Manager -Product Features

Remote Monitoring

  • Power usage by tenants amongst shared resources
    WebNMS CTM measures and monitors the power usage and calculates the resource usage by every tenant.
  • Surveillance with snap shot display on CCTV at remote monitoring HQ
    Snap shots of the passive infrastructure devices can be received and displayed on CCTV on the client interface at the HQ to have a constant view of the location. In case of any problem, a close-up view of the minute parts of the devices can be received and displayed on the CCTV.

Energy Monitoring System

WebNMS CTM has excellent energy monitoring system to avert any major breakdown at the site. It keeps track of the three power input sources, main power, generator power, and battery power. The system triggers alerts and prompts swift action whenever any of these factors threaten the overall productivity and efficiency of the devices.
  • Power Monitoring
    Alarms are raised
    • When any of the three phases of main power is down.
    • When the voltage of the battery is less or more than a specified level.
    • The power source that provides the input during switchover.
    • When fuel consumption escalates than the actual amount for a given time frame.
    • When fuel level declines to indicate that fuel needs to be refilled.
    • When fuel has been filled.


  • Data Logging for better performance visibility
    WebNMS CTM collects and persists all cell tower data such as power input source, power consumption, backup power level, generator fuel availability etc., for performance analysis. Various reports can be generated based on the data collected over a period of time
  • Inventory and Google Maps View
    The inventory page provides complete details of sites and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units). Integration with Google Map provides an enriched view of the sites placed on exact geographical locations.
  • Region-wise access control of sites
    Security forms an integral part of any software. WebNMS CTM software provides enhanced security with restricted access to region-wise cellular site information. The enhanced authentication feature enables handling multiple users at the same instance with different access levels.
  • Event Charts
    Device specific (particular RTU or EMS) or complete event charts (for all devices) can be generated for the following.
    • Severity Vs Time
    • Category Vs Time
    • Top N Devices
    • Category Vs Severity
    • These charts can be created for a specific duration like Daily, Last 7 days and Last 30 days and can be exported in pdf format
  • Top N Devices
    Top N Devices that consume more resources can be viewed. The resource can be fuel, main power, generator, engine execution hours etc. These reports can be exported as Excel, or PDF.

Alert System

  • Instant alerts on SMS or E-Mail
    On-site sensors monitoring the power resources such as batteries, temperature, and generator fuel levels send out performance data at regular intervals of time. Any critical alarm generated from the sensor is useful information only if it reaches the right person at the right time. WebNMS CTM provides the fast and efficient way of information transfer to the operator by means of SMS or E-mail.