Monitoring Power Grid / SUTET dengan WebNMS

WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring Solution

The massive growth of power transmission network and transmission capacity, has spurred complexity and risk in managing the power grids. WebNMS offers an out of the box solution to tackle the challenges of power infrastructure and grid size. WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring solution is a reliable intelligent solution to monitor complex electrical grids in real time. The electrical grids are monitored by a series of sensors at regular intervals and the data fetched by RTU are passed on to WebNMS to enable the operators in making effective decisions. The sensor captures the grid disturbances like grid leakage and grid breakage accurately and thus improves energy efficiency and stability of power sector.
WebNMS Power Grid Monitoring Solution ensures:
  • Proactive diagnosis of power leakage or breakage
  • Eradicates distribution loss due to theft
  • Managing transmission system more effectively
  • Improves interaction between energy providers and consumers
  • Manages peak demand and averts blackouts
  • Optimal utilization of existing equipment

Architectural Diagram

Power Grid Monitoring

Product Features

Grid Monitoring
  • Monitors the state of power lines
  • Monitors leakages and breakages of power lines
  • Monitors the devices in distribution substations
Grid Security and Surveillance
  • Captures interconnected line losses
  • Captures electricity theft
  • Captures distribution and transmission system stress
Energy Dashboard
  • Reports on overall power-usage pattern
  • Reports on improper functioning of safety equipment
  • KPI reports on energy efficiency across sites/regions
Alert System
  • Alerts on maintenance of assets like breakers, switches, transformers, etc.
  • Alerts during power leakage due to increased sub-threshold currents
  • Alerts during power breakage due to adverse weather, accidents, etc.
Integration with Maps
  • Integration of map allows locating the power leakage and breakage accurately and thus saves the manual time and effort in figuring the pain point.